Another Weekend Bites the Dust!

 Okay– so bullet points again, cause LATE!

*  Pride was Saturday, and it was lovely. Squish asked to go, and I told her I’d scope it out to see what it was like–I know some cities have a more family oriented Pride, and for some cities, they have more of a mostly naked young men in banana-hammock pride. Sacramento’s Pride is the first kind, and the people were happy to be there.

And boy was everybody excited to see books!

We were parked right next to the Lavender Library, and I was proud to donate books that didn’t get sold to them–and they were delightful neighbors.

*  Today I went and saw Wonder Woman, because besides being a kick-ass action movie, and giving me a tremendous girl crush on Gal Godot, it also had one of my favorite Chrises in it.



And seriously– there was no “best part of the movie”–it was all AMAZING. And the theme was one of my personal favorites.

So, yes. A good time!

*  I took Squishy with me when I went walking this morning–she looks lovely out in the sunshine, doesn’t she?

Texted these pictures to my friend Karen, and she was like, “Who gave her permission to get so big?”

Damned kid apparently didn’t need any permission, but since her hair is also growing, I’m going to let it slide.


And that’s the condensed version!

On to tomorrow–I need to recover from my weekend!

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