As I sit here typing…

*  The TV is on… because it’s a “new” (hand-me-down-from-Mate’s friends) TV, I have no idea where the remote is, and turning it off is about to become an intimate meld between writer and machine. I hope my computer doesn’t think I’m cheating on it… cross your fingers… I’m going in…

*  The following was heard:



“Dammit, ZoomBoy, stop kicking the wall.”

*from bedroom*  “Sorry!”

*  I usually have something cold to drink–sometimes a soda, mostly water– to greet the kids with when I pick them up. I also have a snack. Since I don’t usually eat until right before I get the kids, they have a permanent fondness for Del Taco.

Today, ZoomBoy practically tackled me for a small bag of cheddar potato poppers.

“Sorry, Mom–forgot my meds. Lunch was miserable.”

“But don’t you have money?”

“Well I DO have the money leftover from the shirt I was supposed to buy… ohhh… so, uh, I could have… uh…”

“Used that to buy lunch? Yes. That’s a fine use for Daddy’s change.”


“How about we get your wallet–“

“The one I used when I went to Europe?”

“If that’s the one you can find, yes.  And you put your money in it–“

“What money?”

“Well, we can give you money, since you do chores so nicely for us. Don’t worry–you can keep some money with you in your wallet–“

“So I don’t lose it?”

“Yes, absolutely. And maybe your student ID card?”

And the heavens opened and the angels sang.



“That’s why people keep wallets!”

“Yes, sweetheart. Yes indeed.”

He was so excited. Now let’s see if he can find the damned wallet!

*  So, the kids got their CASPII scores, and ZB’s scores went down a little. He was depressed. His sister’s went up–but since she was already in the advanced level, she got this really passive aggressive note on her scores: Your student’s scores improved, but not enough to raise her level.  Because, DUH, she was as high as she could get. Again, why emphasis on test scores drives me batshit, but that’s another blog post.

This one is about how, as the two of them were in the backseat Sunday, on the way to the movie, Squish was saying, “I know you’re disappointed, but remember– the whole reason my reading scores went up is because I was reading all the books your recommended. And you helped me with my math. I couldn’t have gotten my scores without your help. They’ll go up next year.”

I get all verklempt thinking about it. I mean… damn. My kids. Test scores be damned, that there was a test of good human beings and they both passed.

I’m so proud.

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