OKay– that’s mostly a wish. I got my editing done–yay! and am now looking at a long stretch of finals and correcting papers and generally throwing myself into the dayjob.

It was funny– after hearing rather cynically about the young teachers and their ‘successes’ I had a good day teaching today. We’re doing The Crucible–I’ll finish it by finals this year (win!) and I realized that a number of the students were actually into it! (Another win!) My lunch was busy with a number of students making up work (win!) and I’ve had a couple of moments where kids who have colossal pita’s (pains in the ass!) all year have been humble, fun to talk to, and working hard on making a grade come back. (Epic win!)

And also, during lunch, I’ve had some of the kids come in who like my writing–that was nice. One of them (Pride Synister–not his real name:-) wanted to read his WIP to me, and we spent a good half an hour bouncing ideas off each other for his work. THAT was fun–the kid is awesome talented, and I LOVED hearing his stuff. He’s gonna be TNBT (the next big thing!) mark my words! (After Paduan, of course. Paduan, are you listening? Get your ass out of neutral and WRITE dammit!)

Holy shit! I too am an optimistic curriculum clone! Go me.

I’ve also gotten cover art for Promise Rock. *happy swoon* OMG– I mean, O.M.G. DEACON IS SO PRETTY! He’s the center of the cover, and it’s sketch of him that Crick (aka Dek) drew, and have I mentioned the purtiness? He’s just like I pictured him– as soon as it’s finalized (what I got was just a preliminary sketch) I’ll ask for permission and post him. You’ll swoon too, I swear!

No word on Rampant yet–I’m pretty sure they’ll get me my galleys right at the start of Christmas break–which means an end of January release, i think. *squeal* *swoon* *thud*

Too much happiness… stop me if I start to blather, seriouly.

And other than that? I’m falling asleep. Seriously– I went to lay down w/Ladybug and forced myself to wake up and blog and do other shit–I’m pretty sure this post is lacking in style, form, wit, etc. I need to write a final and collect papers and shit–and honestly? I’m starting to think my body’s new bedtime is nine-o-clock sharp!

I’ll try to have some cute kid stories next time– cuteness has been happening, but I can’t seem to gather it together for you by the time I post, which sucks, because the blog helps me remember them as they grow. All this *squeeing* and *swooning* isn’t nearly as much fun without them, that’s for damned sure.

Oh wait– I have something! It snowed last night–there was two inches of it on my hood this morning. It took less than two minutes of kids alone in front of the car for a big snowball to hit someone in the face (Zoomboy) and tears to follow. Zoomboy recovered in time to throw a snowball at his little sister so she could cry and the experience was complete. Chicken, (who threw the first snowball–shame on her) laughed hard enough to need to run inside and go pee. Pee she might do–it was fucking cold here, for California! And Big T, bless him, opened the door this morning while it was still dark and peered outside like a kid half his size and a third his age. “Look, mom! Snow!”

Yup–like I said, they’re a snow-shovel of fun, that’s for sure.

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  1. Donna Lee says:

    There's something about snow early in the season, especially when you don't get much of it.

    I'm glad good things are happening for you!!! I get a vicarious thrill reading about your awesomeness. Encourage those kids to write. We're going to need something good to read when we're old.

  2. So you're to blame for the snow we have up here! I'd talk to Roxie, but she's on vacation.

  3. Louiz says:

    Wow! Snow! Enjoy it.

  4. roxie says:

    Snow in Sacramento? Holy Crow! Hope the kids had a frabjous time. And I much hope the driving wasn't too skidsome.

  5. TinkingBell says:

    Oh no – we never get snow here – and a white xmas would be kickass – have fun with yours!

  6. Mardel says:

    It snowed in the hills around my city too, (north california, near San Francisco). Cold as hell all day. – cold for us californians anyway.

    My book (Vulnerable) was waiting for me when I came home. Started reading it even though I'm in the middle of another book. I'm so Fickle! I like it so far.

    Kids and snowballs, no matter how much fun they start out with, someone always cries, don't they? Kids are fun.

  7. Galad says:

    Wow – what exactly does snow look like 🙂

    I love it when you have a happy & productive post in the same week. You are on a roll!!

  8. DecRainK says:

    We got snow up here in the high desert too… like an inch that lasted 10 minutes! lol
    Woohoo for all the wins!

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