At the fair again…

Yes. I was the one who took Zoomboy in to dance at the fair today, not Chicken.

I got all high and mighty with the promise of a “surgical strike– go in, get out, minimal of scarring to the pocketbook, capiche!”



First I watched Zoomboy dance, and that was fun.  In between his dances were dances with the little itty bitty kids, and I loved them– as one person on Twitter said, there’s one statue, one crier, and one diva who does what she wants in every class.  The cross-section of Mouseketeers that I have pictured featured this little blue-eyed statue, who just stared out at the crowd like this *.*  throughout the whole show. Was adorable.

Now, most of the classes are pretty big for the big recital, but the fair is a different fish. The fair is in the middle of the day, during summer break, and very often students, parents, even teachers can’t make it.  So one of the classes of the the itty-bitties featured two performers. One girl, who was a precision dancing instrument– seriously. Clean lines, perfect timing, stunning execution for a three-year old, and I’ve been watching three-year-olds dance for seventeen years.

The other one was like my kids– she stood there with her eyes glued to the kid who knew what she was doing so they knew what to do next.

Yup. I liked that kid. Never met her, but she was my kind of diva.

Anyway– after performing, we were going to do two things: go see the farm animals and stop for funnel cake. These were the two things we’d missed out on yesterday, and since we had two participants tickets for today, I was like why not?

Well, mission accomplished–I didn’t entirely keep my pocketbook in my pocket, as evidenced by the hat Zoomboy bought and the pretty smock that I bought and may wear in New York with black leggings and a cardigan– but we did see animals and we did eat funnel cake.

The funniest part of the day was when we were in the animal nursery. There were no births today, and after looking around at the newborns and the really uncomfortable mothers, I said, “Oh, hey, look– there’s a movie!”

It was a movie of live births.

“Sit here, Zoomboy, and watched the piglets splorch out.”

“Mmmmnnnngghhhhdddd….nnnnoounnndfdddd…. ugh.”

“Yup. We’re on the same page. Let’s go see the goats.”

So, there we go. Motherly duty accomplished. Have been to fair twice. Writerly duty is WAY THE HELL BEHIND. *sob*

And don’t even get me started on packing for the RITA’s.

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