Attn: Book People, Here’s Your Chance

Unfortunately, it’s not going to last long…I’ve got to put the order in by tomorrow.

See…my idea for bookmarks (I get two designs) is this–the cover picture of VULNERABLE for one bookmark, and the cover of BOUND for the other design, each picture dissolving from the top of the book mark to a complementary color on the bottom (black, of course, for VULNERABLE, and copper green for BOUND). Instead of having the titles of the books on the picture itself, I would have instead, a quote–one different quote for each book mark. I was going to go w/the cover of VULNERABLE for the book plates–and another quote.

So that’s three quotes I need from my own books. I have ideas (did you doubt it?) but I was wondering if anyone out there had other, better ideas…

So, if you read this quickly, and have an opinion, let me know–because the Goddess alone knows I might bollux this up if left to my own devices…

0 thoughts on “Attn: Book People, Here’s Your Chance”

  1. NeedleTart says:

    You already heard my idea, but I am glad to repeat. Make the tattoo you describe as a heading: three diamonds of oak leaves and live leaves with the center one larger. In the center one a half-bloomed red rose, in one of the side ones a hawk, and in the last a red cap. There you go. Hire a student from the art division at school (preferably one who is old enogh to read the books)

  2. Louiz says:

    Yeah, what Needletart said…

    Not sure when “tomorrow” is and I’m at work, not really good looking through book time!

  3. roxie says:

    I like the idea of using the cover photos, but put the title on it. Strangers may pick these up and find them interesting enough to order the book. Never miss a chance to get the book titles out.

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