There Will Always be Knitting

on January 18, 2022

  A couple of months ago, I started to put it together. I mean, for a while, I was puzzled. “How did I hit my finger? Why is it stiff and bruised? Wait, that’s gone, but now my thumb hurts. Well, shit. I mean, I can still knit and crochet, but opening jars is sort… Read More

Dear Uptight Woman…

on January 11, 2022

 Dear uptight white woman who yelled at me from her driveway today as I passed with my dogs– I hesitate to use the term Karen because I know and love several WONDERFUL women named Karen, and to call you “a Karen” would be giving you too much affection.  But I think everybody gets the idea…. Read More

Dog Park

on January 3, 2022

 Happy New Year! Okay–so this blogging thing–still working on it a little.  Trying to find a balance between “Blogging is draining my soul” and “What is this thing they call blogging?” (after fifteen years of blogging!) is maybe not as easy as it sounds. But our Christmas was lovely–frenetic, but lovely. Our New Years was… Read More

Venom and the Knitter

on December 10, 2021

 So, Venom (1 and 2) is one of my favorite parts of the Marvel franchise. It deals with a lesser known character, the cast is small but stellar, the budget is limited so the action sequences are short but meaningful, and there is something about the dialog between Venom, the ultimate id, and his fragile… Read More


on November 29, 2021

 So I had a massive fasciitis flare up yesterday and I’ve spent pretty much all day stoned on Flexeril and Ibuprofen so let’s see how coherent I am. … probably not very. See, I know I promised to blog more, but I’ve discovered that when things get super intense, I get super quiet inside. It’s… Read More

18–but still my ZoomBoy

on November 16, 2021

 I mentioned this on FB but ZoomBoy has new goings on in his life! For one thing, he’s got a job–it starts on December 2nd, and it’s in fast food (Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, which is new for our area) and he’s so excited! He’s currently volunteering to help his dance teacher, and while she… Read More

Where It All Comes From

on November 9, 2021

 Over twenty years ago, when I was writing Vulnerable, I was writing the part where Cory was swimming in Lake Folsom. Now, I had grown up swimming in Folsom, and I loved it–but I wasn’t so fond of the long weeds growing up from the bottom that would wrap their vines around my ankles. Freaked… Read More

I’m back…

on October 25, 2021

  Oops… almost gave up on it this time. The problem with giving up blogging–particularly after 15 years–is that you get in the habit of documenting all the hilarious, weird things that happen to you, and then, after you’ve let the blog lapse for a week, or two, or (omg!) three! you’re like, so… I”m… Read More

Ah, birthdays…

on October 1, 2021

I remember birthday weeks of the past. They were always deeply entrenched in soccer season, and there were multiple grandparents and multiple venues and between Mate, myself, my biomom, Chicken, and my Auntie, there were five birthdays in a week. Things have calmed down since then. Everyone’s still alive, but Chicken is an adult and… Read More

*&%ing dog!

on September 21, 2021

 Don’t stress. Ginger the new dog is fine. I mean I think she’s fine.  She’s HERE. That should mean she’s fine. But, you may remember, not too long ago I blogged about how she disappeared and I did about sixty-thousand things to get her back and lo and behold! Somebody brought her back. YAY! So… Read More