Okay–I’m not saying I’m a needy bitch (because we all know I’m a needy, insecure nightmare of estrogen and creative chaos) but really–REALLY, people, is it too much to ask for on lousy DECENT review on while I’m trying to finish book 4? Because Vulnerable is GETTING HAMMERED out there, and it’s KILLING ME!!!!

*whew* Okay–I feel a little better.

I’ll feel a LOT better when people stop kicking my baby when she’s down.

0 thoughts on “AUUUUUGGGHHHHH!!!”

  1. Some rain must fall…

    Besides, you're almost to the fun part again: EDITING

  2. Donna Lee says:

    Stupid know-nothings.

  3. roxie says:

    So look back at the good reviews. You are just running through a flock of assholes right now. You KNOW your work is edgy. There are some folks who just won't get it. Too bad for them!

  4. fawatson says:

    You mean someone doesn't like Vulnerable!

    What bad taste!

  5. Unknown says:

    Well, I was just on Amazon and all of the reviews look good (even the ones for the Bitter Moon books are glowing). Please don't worry about one pissant feeling the need to say bad stuff about what you write; I think your royalty checks speak differently.

    Also, can't wait to start work on Rampant.

  6. Littlewitch says:

    I'd go post a dozen 5 star reviews for you, sweet, but 1)I kinda doubt Amazon would let me review it again & 2)everyone knows we're friends so I have ZERO credibility in that area. Just keep remembering Dickens & Poe.

  7. Nadina says:

    Well I've been lurking reading your blog for quite a while now, and felt i had to post this. I love your books, seriously, they are really hard to come by over here in the UK, expensive too, but i buy them because i know it's money well spent, and i read them over, and over, and over (you get the idea!). Don't worry about the bad reviews, if some don't like your books they don't have to buy any more and there's more for those of us who do like them and who regularly struggle to find copies 😉

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