Avengers Swag Assemble

* So, Friday and Saturday were Avengers Swag Assemble– or mostly my friend Berry Jello and I, putting together gift bags which will pack SO WELL in the back of the minivan. (There is much sarcasm here–can you feel it?)

* Also, thank you so much Berry Jello! (No sarcasm in this–I hate dyeing my own hair.) My hair is now different colors. I think one of them is pink, and although that was not my intention, I’m just going to roll with it.

* I watched–okay, slept through– Ocean’s 11 last night for Las Vegas reasons. Zoomboy asked me if I had a highly trained group of technical geniuses willing to work outside the law for cash, and I said no. Apparently I’ll never knock over a Vegas casino without them.

* The cat woke us up this morning by barking at the birds. You read that right–freaked Mate the HELL out. I think she was trying to tell them to shut up so we could cuddle more, but dude–cats barking. Next thing you know, the Kings will win and I’ll actually lose weight.

* And, in other news, the Kings won their last game at SleepTrain Arena last night.

* Nope, I’m still a size Vast + Stately

* For those of you wondering about any writing accomplished– I am halfway through my third project of the year. First was Licorice Whip (the final Candy Man story), due out in August, second was Freckles, my Christmas story from Riptide, and at present I’m writing Spring Fall (was previously Summer Club, but it happens in the spring, so, you know– puns!) which is Mason’s and Jefferson’s story fromWinter Ball. Yes– yes, folks, I am going to match Carpenter and Dane. Carpenter is just too awesome, and Dane has SUCH an amazing backstory. We need to see them together.

*  Oh! And I’m currently editing Fish Out of Water.  And planning the covers with Reese Dante (who’s professionalism and humor have blessed my covers since Talker, when I fell completely in love with both her art AND her personally) I think we’re going to come up with something special.

Although Mate thought Blinky would be a good idea too.

* And tomorrow, Kim Fielding and I are going to traverse the great California/Nevada desert, and hope to arrive in Las Vegas sometime before midnight. (Yes, it’s only supposed to be an eight hour drive, but I have old lady bladder. Sue me.) Honestly, I’m looking forward to this trip because Kim is such outstanding company–and I can’t wait to see the rest of my friends at the end of the drive as well. It goes without saying that blogging might get spotty in the next week, and social media too, so everyone, have a good week, and if I see you in Las Vegas, come in for the hug!

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