Back in the saddle…

*  The kids went back to school today

*  It is still raining

*  My shoes smell like troll vomit–I”m trying teabags in them to make them smell better tonight

*  Speaking of “teabags” there is a term ZB uses for his games called “tea bagging”– I have no idea what it means, but since I see no gay porn on the Overwatch screen, I’m going to hope it means something else.

*  I miss aqua aerobics

*  The dogs are going to rebel if I take them walking in the rain one more time

*  The cats are still waiting fruitlessly for the world outside to change when they meow at the door

* Nope. Still raining.

*  I hit that stage of tired today where I don’t know I”m tired

*  I think that question about “chair life” is no longer hypothetical– my chair keeps sinking and it’s pissing me off

* It’s also funking up my back

*  Ordered swag today

*  Always order too much

*  And assume it sucks

*  Of course it sucks– my sense of design–OI!

*  I want you all to see the cover for Bonfires but it’s debuting on Joyfully Jay at the end of this month

*  Speaking of– only a week and a half before I leave for Coastal Magic?


* But I DID dye my hair this morning

* Shocker– it is NOT clown-car red

*  Gonna bail now–may tomorrow be filled with hope

*  But speaking of hope, I hope I don’t see any more fictional stories deal with plane crashes before I get on a plane. I watched an episode of Travelers and almost had a heart attack.

*  Speaking of– great show!

*  And on that note, I’m gonna bail.

*  May tomorrow be grand 🙂

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  1. Mrs Condit says:

    So much of your list applies to me, too. Is it universal for this time of year? ((Hugs))

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