Backstage Activities

So last year, I had 10 little girls with three costume changes and a whole lot of downtime. It was hot, it was sweaty, there was one kid who’s shoelace always came untied, always had to potty, and could find gum in a country in which gum was outlawed and there was no gum EVER.

I brought coloring books, snacks, and as much patience as I could muster, and apparently a giant trash compactor for my memory, because Chicken had to REMIND me how awful last year was.

This year, we’ve got kids with five or six costume changes and three different companies they have to run and be a part of–but you know what?

Those kids know exactly where they’re supposed to be when they’re supposed to be there and I can tell them to tie their own shoes and if three people have to go to the bathroom all I need is another adult and not a bottle of baby powder and a packet of baby wipes.

But they do get antsy.

So for my own kids (and I finally get my own kids backstage) we  brought crafts.

ZoomBoy has learned to latch hook and Squish has learned to crochet.

One of their numbers is “Hair Up” (if you watch the video at the top you’ll hear the basic song–it’s sort of adorable–they’re wearing “wigs” made of bathroom scrubbies–CUTE!) and when I was teaching Squish how to crochet, she started with with a color so bright it made (her words) “her eyeballs vomit”.

We ran out of that yarn and couldn’t find anymore, so we went with more “eyeball vomit” colors in multiple strands.

And the results are a “troll stole” since she gets to wear brightly colored clothes as her costume.

Anyway–she’s so proud.

I’m proud of her.

And she’s starting on a blanket to work backstage for the rest of rehearsal and recital.

*happy sigh*

Best backstage mom gig yet.

Hair Up!

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  1. K. Tuttle says:

    Yes! Another crochet person to add to our community! I'm going to try to learn to knit (again) this year, but I always go back to crochet like an old and loyal friend. One active loop to rule them all! Frogging at will!

    Hmm, I might still be traumatized at being the only crochet worker in a large knitting circle at the local yarn store.

  2. Amy Lane says:

    My LYS has a "Crochet Friendly Yarn Store" outside, and the proprietess is bicraftual. I'm always so happy when I see her crocheting–it feels like my first yarn craft ISN'T a dirty habit I have to hide in my closet.

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