Bad blogger…bad!

I’ve been a bad blogger–and I’m so very sorry.

The problem is, I’ve been blogging from school, and I wanted to give pictures, but I couldn’t because, well, I was blogging from school! But the odds of me blogging from home, giving the chronic unrest of the short people these days is decreasing by the nanosecond, and my thanks are getting more and more remiss, so I’m just going to have to give a pictureless shout-out to my blogging homies who live far from home!

About a week ago I got home from that HORRIBLE day (or one of those horrible days…last week was a blur of awfulness, mostly) and there were PRESENTS. Not just deliveries (although there was one of those too…) but PRESENTS.

Roxie and Gemma, who love me and are loved ferociously in return, visited Mr. Postman and gave me PRESENTS.

Roxie sent me cat-butts and chicken droppings–no, don’t look at me like that–the cat butts were stickers (and hence my longing for a camera, dammit!) but they were hilarious, and so was the egg-laying chicken keychain, w/gumballs for eggs. (By the way, the live Chicken in my house tends to snatch these things and run away laughing–but since it keeps her from perpetual glomming, that’s still a good thing!)It was cute and thoughtful, and one of those things that kept my skull from imploding and I’m terribly grateful.

Gemma sent me kangaroo pasta, a whale cookie cutter (both of which Chicken and I jumped up and down and crowed about) and (what else, since this is a knitting blog sort of?) YARN. Yarn from AUSTRALIA!!! (You all know what a back-country provincial I am–Yarn from Australia, Yarn from Oregon, Yarn from Bufeebegee–it’s all my favorite thing from SOMEPLACE I DON’T LIVE!!!!!) Anyway, it’s this wonderful color (Bloody Mary–isn’t that excellent?) and the texture is UBERYUMMEEE!!! (There–I”ve just made another word…let’s see if we can enter this into the lexicon of imaginary words, next to prickweenie, crapweasel, and fibergasm!) Seriously–if it hadn’t been for these two women and their sweet little flirtation with Mr. Postman, I might not have made it through the week–you’re both awesome, babelicious and amazing, and all that that implies.

So thank you ladies, thank you Mr. Postman, and thank you, 6th period, for shutting up long enough for me to blog (but not long enough for me to actually run through the conclusion of our analogy drill).

*sigh* And speaking of analogies? One of our words today was ‘apostate’–it means someone who no longer follows a belief or philosophy. I think I have become an apostate of public education. I no longer have any faith in it, and unless I’m teaching literature and literature only, I feel as though so much of what I do is empty and without meaning. I remember when I was in school for my credential, and the consensus was, that if we ever got to that place in our careers where we were completely burnt out, we should quit and do something else. There is only one thing I want to do besides this…but I don’t know if publishing companies grant rapture to apostates. Oh well…even apostates can eventually suffer through purgatory and make it to heaven, right? (Besides–I foresee next year will be better–it’s gotta be–I’m moving to part time…canyagimme hallelujia? Amen!)

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  1. Donna Lee says:

    I dream of working part time. I used to love my job but it has become just that -a job. I am not courageous enough to strike out and do something else at 50. It’s a shame because I am good at what I do and I love helping people but I am tired of administrative issues and assorted rules and regulations that make my job unnecessarily unfun. Why can’t our jobs be fun? We spend so much time at work, it shouldn’t be soul sapping. I’m glad you got a little boost from the postman. It can make a craptastic week bearable.

  2. TinkingBell says:

    There’s nothing like a parcel to make a bad day good (which is why, I’m sure, I buy so much stuff – well yarn and books and things over the internet! – Constant stream of Parcels!!)Hope this week is great – I’m off air for 2 weeks or so while we go on holiday -0 have a great easter!

  3. Part time!? You are my hero!!

  4. roxie says:

    Sweetness, the universe thrust those things into my ken and demanded that I forward tham to their natural home. Glad I could be a conduit for the things you need. (Knew you would love the cat butts!)

  5. Danielle says:

    My catching-up-on-blog time–you’re moving to part time? Yay! Your choice? What will you be doing? Spending more time at home? I’m so excited for you–I know how torn you are about not getting to be with your family more. Woo hoo!

  6. NeedleTart says:

    That’s why I love being a sub. No lesson plans (OK, so I’m a-r enough to like writing lesson plans) and I can take a week off here and there through the year when the admin-weenies or kiddles get to me. Hang in there. Three months to go (we have all those snow days to make up. Whose idea was it to not include snow days in the school calendar in PA?)

  7. ismarah says:

    oho, i’ve just had an idea. Well, several.

    Firstly, I just finished reading ‘Little Goddess’. Again x 4. And I just thought to myself that vampires would be great in Iceland in winter – not so much in summer.

    Secondly, I’m going over there for Easter holidays.
    Icelandic yarn isn’t ‘that’ exciting as the traditional stuff is icelandic wool from icelandic sheep in traditional sheep colours, but I reckon you might not mind that so much…what do you think?

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