Bad Blogger!

Okay– so I went back and realized I had blogged APPALLINGLY few times in the last two weeks–blogger’s guilt– IT’S REAL!

Anyway– yesterday was a big day for Squish.  She had a tea party–something she has been excited about  for TWO WEEKS, and I was invited.  Of course, I didn’t realize I was invited to volunteer, but that was fine.  I served the kindergartners finger sandwiches and cookies and hot chocolate, and Mate brought them cookies (too many rich cookies–I was relieved when the teacher said, “Oh, I’m taking THESE to the staff room!”  because that was thirty pounds of fat I SO didn’t need!)  Anyway, after we served the cookies (and I almost screwed up my back forever and for good by serving on a teeny-tiny counter made for five year olds!) there was entertainment.  They all stood up and sang for us, and I loved it.  Yes–in politically correct California, they sang Christmas songs, and my pagan heart was remarkably unruffled.  They were wonderful, and Rudolph the Red-nose Reindeer has never sounded more disorganized–or better.

So after that, we went home, had a frozen burrito, and then got ready for her NEXT performance, her dance performance with her class.  The dance was held at a local community center, and she acquitted Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas Song… well, with heart.  Her heart was definitely in it.  And she DEFINITELY knew the move to “I still want a hula-hoop!” and that’s always a good stopping place.  
So it was a big day for Squish– but she wasn’t the only one with a big week.  Zoomboy got two academic awards–and I have to tell you, not a lot of kids get those.  He got one award for actual achievement, and the other award for being an all around good kid in the classroom.  My pictures of that were even worse than the picture of Squish dancing, and that’s sort of where I draw the line, but suffice it to say he was extremely sober for the entire presentation–but very happy to see me at the school.  
Chicken was called by a recruiter for an art school– a family phone call as it were, and took the first steps in applying for financial aid (for which Mate and I will be indebted all our lives!)  Anyway–the fun part (according to Chicken) was knowing that Mate and I were texting questions to each other while we were listening to the recruiters.  Of course watching Chicken get quietly excited about the possibility of going away to school was also a plus.  Mate and I had to work our way through school–a lot of people we know have had to work their way through school, and that’s awesome.  The idea that people can do that is awesome.  But if we could give this education to Chicken–wow.  I’d just be so proud.  She’s worked so hard–I would so love to see her have a future that started with all those high hopes.  And then Mate and I would have nine years to rest, relax, and save for the next genius kid, because Zoomboy isn’t going to be letting his future languish!
And Big T turned nineteen.  We took him to sushi (Zoomboy hated it!) but everyone else enjoyed the hell out of it.  Mate and I got all the sashimi on the platter because we were the only one’s crazy about raw fish, and Big T and Chicken loved the roll with the deep fried shrimp in the middle.  (Unsophisticated sushi.  Yup.)  But it was awesome, we loved it, and I want more!  And T was grateful for his presents–mostly winter clothes–but I’ve promised him a hat and a scarf that match and are lovely after Christmas.  When he was in the fifth grade I crocheted him a “fish scarf”– a series of fish motifs that interlocked.  The scarf is bright red, blue and yellow, and made in acrylic yarn, and T hated it until he hit high school when suddenly it had a funky appeal.  Anyway, he’s requested something more grown up, and I’m making him the Noro scarf, with a matching hat–because it’s bright in an appealing Dr. Who way, but it’s also a little more grown up.  And it will keep him warm.  
So this week promises to be crazy–and I actually have knitting to do!  (I know, you all thought I forgot Christmas knitting–nope!)  And a Christmas release on Wednesday.  And blurbs to write.  And more shopping to do.  And a house to clean.  And someday, someday soon, I’ll have to explain how I came to lose my job over loaning a couple of books to some kids who could handle it.  
But not today.  Today, Zoomboy is begging for a cuddle, and it’s been a helluva week.  I figure he’s due:-)

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  1. Jambrea says:

    I just had to tell you…I watched the Santa Clause 2 with PMan and saw someone who reminded me of your Squish. I'm like…hey…what's she doing there. lol

    Happy Holidays. 🙂

  2. roxie says:

    I'd say that YOU are due a cuddle, too! Squish looks bee-yew-tea-fool in her reindeer garb and other gay apparel. And oh, what excitement for Chicken! Yay for her! Blog when you can, sweetie. You know we're always ready to hear form you.

  3. It sounds like a busy, busy weekend.

  4. Donna Lee says:

    I'm with Roxie, YOU need the cuddle, too. These are busy weeks for you all.

    I'm starting the baking and the wrapping still has to happen but otherwise, Christmas is under control.

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