Bean and Things


Thanks everybody so much for checking in on the Kermit Flail– it was my biggest, best attended Flail ever and I can’t thank you all enough!


And now, back to my regularly scheduled freaking out about RT…

Tonight we started Avengers Swag Assemble– and I have to say, every year I have them do something a little more bizarre.

“Squish! You mix all the white packing material into fake-snow-soup! ZoomBoy, you put the stickers on all the tiny decorative paper bags!”

“Mom, what are you doing?”

“I’m measuring a half-a-cup of dirt into a ziplock snack-size baggie– are we all clear on our goals?”


“Meet back in the living room to put it all together– trust me, kids, it’s gonna be great!”




“You heard me, kids, BREAK!”

“Yeah, whatever, beats working…”

But bless their hearts, they did it!  I’ll take pictures tomorrow, because we’re all still doing our parts, but if I can NOT break the 2″x2″ terra-cotta pots, it’s gonna be cute as hell.

So anyway–the bean thing…

Chicken gave Squish her old art tablet for animation, and Squish… well, she learned to animate. The .gif set is a bean–that looks much like Squish. Maybe next time, she’ll animate herself smiling–because this certainly made me smile!


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