So on Saturday morning, we were all getting ready for Squish’s soccer game.

And she suddenly started yelling at the dog. “Gibbs! Gibbs! What the hell are you doing down there under mom’s feet! She’s on the toilet, Gibbs! You’re such a weirdo!”

So while I’m still going, “You’re in my bathroom why?” she keeps going off. “You two–” she points at the other dogs, “–are garden variety everyday weirdos, but Gibbs? You’re the super special ultrasonic holiday variety weirdo!”

And at that point, ZoomBoy comes running down the hall yelling, “What? What do you need? WHY DO YOU KEEP CALLING MY NAME?”

So, now we know. Just like we have to call Geoffie three times– “Geoffie Geoffie Geoffie!”– we also have to call ZoomBoy three times. But we have to call him “Weirdo.”

And I have to be on the toilet.

Because heaven forbid it happen while I’m anywhere else.

And given how many times he’s said, “Idindoit!” this weekend, we figure that’s his whole new name.

“Weirdo Idindoit!”

That time spent with the baby name book was a total waste.

OH! (*scurries into living room to take a pictures*)

So, I also stopped by Babbetta’s today– my LYC.

And I showed her pictures of ZoomBoy’s sweater.

She liked very much–she likes to see what we do with our yarn–and then she said, “I bet you didn’t use a pattern for that, did you?”

“No–I’ve been having fun seeing if I can do it just using my knowledge of garment construction.”  (Rudimentary as it is–fitting is completely beyond me.)

“See? We had a workshop last week on how to knit a sweater from the top town. Everybody had a baby sweater by the time they were done–it was really cool.”

And then I went and got that item in the photograph from my yarn bag. “Like this?”


“Yeah– I’ve been experimenting with a lot of those patterns for that magazine I write fiction for. The knitting one.”

“Well those are beautiful. I’ll be interesting to see that written down.”

And I”m compelled to remember something I actually wrote a long time ago, in Winter Courtship of Fur Bearing Critters, when Rance said, “My knitting is simple. But it’s good.”

And yes, this is crochet, but the idea is the same. My needlework is simple–very simple–but apparently it’s built on solid ideas and good yarn.

That makes me sort of proud 🙂

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