Before Breaking Paper

“Will there be a journey?”


“From the outside or the in?”

“Both, I think–“

“Will there be flawed heroes?”


“And righteousness and sin?”

“Why not!”

“Will there be betrayal–“

“I hate that, but–“

“And fear and maybe pain?”

“Always pain.”

“And will there be heroics?”

“I hope so.”

“And crying in the rain?”

“That’s maudlin.”

“But will there be redemption?”

“I like that!”

“Will there be a little blood?”

“And fighting too!”

“Oh! Will there be some monsters?”

“That depends…”

“Bad humans count there too.”

“Well definitely then!”

“Will there be… emotion?”


“And maybe a little sex?”


“Will suspense be in there?”

“I’ll try!”

“Will I wonder what comes next?”

“That’s suspense!”

“Will the characters surprise me?”

“I hope so.”

“Will they make me cry?”

“They make me cry.”

“Will they ask me how to fix it?”

“They usually ask me.”

“Will they ask me why?”

“Again, that’s me.”

“Will the ending satisfy me?”

“If I’m good.”

“Will it answer all my prayers?”

“Not all.”

“Will the crisis catalyze me?”


“But will it make me care?”

“I don’t know! I don’t know! I can only tell you this!
I have characters and dreams for them, they have
Pain and strength and bliss.
We will journey forth together
There will be sex and fear and rest,
And fighting and redemption
And you’ll love them, if I’m blessed.
When you hitch a ride along with us
You’re welcome company.
But since they’re living in my head now
Their story is meant for me.”

“Oh, oh no I get it–
I’m living through your pen.
But since we’re going on a journey…
Do you mind?”

“Not at all. Shall we begin?”

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