Before the *flail*

Went to my friend Berry Jello’s house last night– she made us lettuce wraps (NOM) and we drank wine and had cake…

And watched horror movies.
Now, I’m not usually a fan of horror movies–but I have some exceptions.  The Sixth Sense, Signs, Cabin in the Woods, The Ring, Paranormal Activity– I admit, I’ve seen them all, and the first three are some of my favorite movies ever.  
But Berry Jello is hardcore. Her kids watch Child’s Play (Chuckie) as a comfort movie, and they’ve been on movie sets and mixed fake blood and done horror makeup. Zombies are their teddy bears, and Jello’s obsession is, like many obsessions…
Totally easy to buy into. 
Horror movies are something she adores, and if she wanted to watch Dead Silence and drink wine with friends on her birthday, well then, I was all in.
It was so much fun.  For one thing, I forgot how adorable Ryan Kwanten is. I mean… just… *flails*  
For another– you forget the pure schlocky joy of the scary thing that jumps out at you.  That double knowledge– on the one hand, you’re acknowledging that it’s all hokum and papier mache`, and on the other hand, you’re back to being a little kid when the monsters were REAL and the entire world was a big terrifying black hole of shit that could jump out and get you.  
Scary movies–yup.  They’ve got their place.  
And so does drinking wine with friends and eating cake and letting our kids run around like heathens and play.  

And Immortal is out next week!  eee! More on *Kermit Flail*  But it’s also available on Dreamspinner! 

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