Bits of Bullets

* In ten more posts, I will have 400–I”m thinking about having a Random Stash Dive contest…something like, “If you can guess how many boxes I have of GOOD yarn (my acryllic doesn’t count!) I’ll dive into a box and produce a random couple of skeins of fibery goodness!”

* Ladybug has the eye-goop. Two days of anti-biotics, and she still looks like a mole in the mornings…I feel so bad for her–she’s not very happy at the moment, and after two days at home, I had to send her to day care. Bummer.

* 1/3 of my 6th period left yesterday–there was a meeting for continuation school that they were obligated to attend. It didn’t matter–the climate of the other 2/3s of the class is so damaged that after 10 minutes of trying to get their attention, I gave up, gave them their assignment, and let them piss away their time while I entered grades. *mutter*

* I had a small moment of triumph–today, 4 kids would NOT shut up during a movie. Instead of sending them out, I got my knitting and sat down. On the desk of the kid in the center. *sweet*!!!

* The Cave Troll spent the weekend chewing on a the rope of one of our cat toys…the result is a rope-burn coming out of the corners of his mouth–*snork* He looks like the Joker from Batman!!!

* (We’re watching Pride and Prejudice right now–Colin Firth, Mreowr! And my 3rd period is actually getting into it!!!! Yeeehaaa!)

* The Raven–would you believe that Poe actually wrote lines 85-90 of this poem first? Brilliance is frequently odd and syncopated to watch, isn’t it? I love it!

* In a stunning bid for independence, yesterday, after I got home and took off my shoes, I was standing in the kitchen being inundated with questions by the older kids when Ladybug threw a shoe at me. “Here, mama–catch!” And then she threw another. “Put them on!” I did. (They were loafers.) Then she grabbed my hand, hauled me to the door, said “Go for a walk!” And proceeded to trot around the block in the chill wind with the eagerness of a scottie dog. Then we got home and she sat on me for an hour, totally tuckered out. Adorable little shit, ain’t she?

* And here, let it be known, that Big T, the master of the unfunny joke, and hapless follower of all things political with no real comprehension (he watches the Daily Show, well, daily, and REALLY wants to be John Stewart when he grows up. *sigh*) has finally made a funny political joke. I won’t tell you what it is–it won’t be that funny to you, but the fact that it was a little funny to me is, without a doubt, a breakthrough.

* And, really, I could go on like this for days. I won’t, but I will finish by saying the following: I posted yesterday that I had fingering weight yarn that needed to be untangled, and two of you popped immediately up to offer your services. (I”m taking you both up on it.) As I told Mate yesterday as I was reading my comments, I hang with a sick bunch of people on the internet. Goddess, I loves you all:-)

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  1. DrK says:

    i love the thought of you taking out your knitting while teaching, i have a class of teenagers that would probably love to make fun of me if i did that. whats with the talking in class thing? sigh.

  2. Siercia says:

    I would have volunteered too, but saw you already had two people lined up =)

  3. TinkingBell says:

    Aaah dentists – don’t get me started!!! and aren’t blogsters great? Theya re the best epople (except for me because I haven’t finished editing – but I will soon – really, I need short deadlines – my excuse is that I work better under pressure!)

  4. Galad says:

    Sorry about the eye goops. What a pain for both parents and kid. My daughter sends her sympathy to Ladybug, cause she still remembers being two and having to get that sticky ointment in her eyes!

    Our family was just talking about our favorite Poe stories and poetry last week. My husband scared the kids when they were little reading them Poe aloud but they both love it to this day.

    I’ll have to suggest knitting to my son as a classroom management technique. I don’t think they taught him that in college!

  5. Louiz says:

    eye goop is horrible, poor Ladybug.

    When my cat got it, the vet said to put cold tea on his eye… not saying this will be any good on a person, but… it is an alternative to that nasty sticky cream.

  6. roxie says:

    Well, if you have to goop her eyes, the least you could do is put on your shoes and take her for a walk. What a treasure! And I can just see the Cave Troll with rope burns on the corners of his mouth. Knitting on the kid’s desk? You are a genius!

  7. Catie says:

    but we are all sick… perhaps it is contagious? And dentists, I am weird, I love going to the dentist. But I have good teeth and only one (recent, grr) filling so that likely explains it. Plus when I was a kid my dentist gave me stickers. I loved stickers. It sounds like Ladybug will be quite the handful when she is older, seeing as she is a little handful now.

  8. Donna Lee says:

    My dentist’s receptionist is a knitter so we have long conversations and the dentist has to come in and ‘break it up’ so she can clean my teeth. I am fortuntate enough to live with a man who has enough patience to unravel the worst snarls and tangles you can imagine. And it doesn’t cost me anything. My solution always involves the scissors!

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