Bleed it Out

So, I had to do something really unpleasant today, something that hurt hella bad.  And I don’t feel like writing about it, but I do have a soundtrack.  I tried to post it with, but none of the links plugged in–I’ll just list it here.

Bleed it Out–Linkin’ Park
Requiem for a Dream–from the soundtrack
March of the Cambreadth–Heather Dale
Faint–Linkin’ Park
Numb–Linkin’ Park
Last to Die–Bruce Springsteen
Seeds–Bruce Springsteen
Gone Away–Offspring
The Kids Aren’t Alright–Offspring
Let it Rock–Kevin Rudolph
I Hate Everyone–Ok-Go
Let it Die–Foo Fighters
Home–Foo Fighters
Hometown–Bowling for Soup
Mad World–Gary Jules
14 Years–Guns’n’Roses

That last one.  Yeah.

0 thoughts on “Bleed it Out”

  1. roxie says:

    Hugs and love. I know you will survive this, too. It may leave scars, but it will also feed the dragon.

  2. Tiffany says:

    I'm so sorry you have been having a terrible time. Just know that you do have support out on the web. Hugs.

  3. katfish184 says:

    🙁 I am so sorry you are going through hell right now! (((hugs))) turn up the soundtrack and remember that you are loved and appreciated. Thank you for the joy and comfort your stories have brought me. You write about pain and grief so well but also love and family and the strength they bring. I know you will get through this- but I would like to beat up whatever or whoever is causing you hurt!

  4. Chris says:

    Oh oh. 🙁 *hug*

  5. Sue Brown says:

    You are loved and supported.

    All my love, Sue xx

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