Okay–I’m depressed and sad and my hot water heater is dying.

And I’m sick and have the crud.

But there are blessings. There are always blessings. I don’t say “How can things get any worse,” any more. We’ve watched that play out on the national stage–it can get worse. It’s getting worse right now.

But the one thing the threat of imminent nuclear annihilation can give you is perspective on how you’ve lived your life.

Have I lived it on my terms? Have I injured as few people as possible and apologized when I could? Have I given joy to as many people as possible? Have I been true to my family, my friends, and my art?

Everyone has to answer those questions on their own, I guess. But right now, I’m counting my blessings.

Small dogs

Afternoon naps

Teenagers that tell you about their crushes

Teenagers that show you their memes

Husbands that hug

Cats that stake their claim

A crocheted project that has (finally!) entered the hood stage

Chicken soup

Doris Day and Rock Hudson

Jay Hernandez (and laugh lines in the corners or the eyes)

Friends that text

Friends that meme

Friends that ask to read that next chapter

Grown daughters that give you book reports

Grown sons that meet you at the movies with their girlfriends

Two excellent versions of Little Women

McDonald’s Holiday Pies in January

And this: My daughters are a bit… sarcastic, in nature. They’re not cruel–they show kindness in their everyday lives. But Mate was a little disturbed when they cackled evilly over the death of a redeemed villain in a recent, uh, movie franchise. “My hard-hearted daughters!” I told him it was just this fictional death, and most of the time, they’re almost human.

But we saw Little Women on cheap-movie-Tuesday, and I’m pretty sure you all know there’s a death in the middle. A sisterly death in the middle. In particular, the death of a younger, blue-eyed, red-headed sister. Mate and I were sniffling through, trying to not incur their scorn (it’s happened more often than you can fathom. Les Miserable– my kids, trying not to nod off, me, chorking big mouthfuls of air, tears, and snot as it ended.)  Suddenly, we heard twin big gulping sobs. Both of them. One would stop, they’d make eye contact, and the other would start. It was just beautiful. Cause, you know, sisters.

Ah, nothing like traumatizing your young at the movies.

Blessings. I’ve got ’em.

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  1. Unknown says:

    You do, and you deserve all the good.

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