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I’m actually crocheting an acrylic baby blanket. With every stitch I feel deeply that my conversion to wool was the just and right thing to do. How can I, in good conscience, abduct live dead dinosaurs from their psychotropic home in dye-land, when I know that there are sheep, suffering in the summer, because irresponsible consumers such as myself opted for the easy blanket in Red-Heart baby as opposed to something more challenging that would have forced me to use wool?

And I’m tired of the squeakiness.

*sigh* And I have to say this rant makes me feel really really horrible about the hu-norm-ous stash of acrylic that I’ve hidden in the garage so I don’t have to own up to it.

And I’ve got another baby-blanket to make, and I’m thinking I might have to break my vow of giving up yarn for Lent just to buy a wool blend, because I can’t do another one like this… just can’t. Sorry!

In other news?

Nothing. Not a thing. Spent the weekend writing and hanging with the kids. Saw Monsters & Aliens (funny!), watched Ladybug be a cat (she’s good at it!), listened to the Cave Troll tantrum (also a skill!), watched Chicken hunt fruitlessly for her cell phone so she could keep a date at the mall (it was in my purse–she missed the date!), listened to T try fruitlessly to be funny (he’s still trying!) and cracked jokes with Mate (he’s succeeding–the man can make me laugh like no one else.)


* We walked into target, and the following monologue commenced from Ladybug: “My dresses! My shirts! My pants! My hats! Oooooohhhhhh mommy! My SHOES!”

Mate couldn’t stop laughing.

* Dropping Chicken off at Barnes and Nobles so she could read a Manga book we can’t possibly afford (because there’s 22 of them and they all cost 10+ dollars–this one WASN’T at the library!) We came back in an hour–she was done and very satisfied with herself.

* Having a 45 lb. cat in a pink T-shirt try to lick my face.

* Having the Cave Troll tell us not to leave Monsters and Aliens–there was still some more plot at the end. (He’d seen it in 3D the day before with his dad!)

* Giving crap to Mate about his bad memory, and having him call himself ’10-second Mate’ (if you remember 50 first dates?) I said something smart in return and he said, “Wha?” It took me a full ten seconds to figure out he was messing with me. (Okay, it was funny to us.)

* Making dinner two nights in a row and washing dishes four times in a week. It sounds totally crappy, I know, but it gave me enough leverage to have Big T clean the kitchen floor. Badly.

* And of course there was a little bit of time and energy left to write 15 pages and revel… you guys REALLY were nice about my sad little foray into fan-fic–I enjoyed myself, and I’m glad you did too!

And can I just say–to everybody out there who has told me they’re thinking about writing again? DO IT! It truly does fill your soul an unusual way. (It’s also addicting–I don’t call it the dragon for nothing.)

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  1. Tanner says:

    Giving up yarn for lent…you can always lease some then choose the buy option the Monday after Easter.

    As for writing, you are absolutely correct when you say it’s addictive. Though sometimes those children in our imaginations get a bit unruly.

    A very entertaining read. I really enjoy ending the day with perusing your blog.

  2. Donna Lee says:

    I love the “what about me” photo! I have one kinda like that on my desk at work. It captured Kate in a perfect Kate-moment. It makes me smile each time I see it.

    And I soothe my conscience by thinking of acrylic shearing time when all the little acrylics get shorn so Red Heart can make yarn out of the fleeces. They deserve to be cool like the sheep.

  3. roxie says:

    “I can’t stand the squeakiness.” Exactly!! And the – crunchiness. Crochet is SO the way to go for acrylics because it goes so fast.

  4. Galad says:

    You deserve to work with a wool blend 🙂

    Good for the Cave Troll (are we still calling him that?) for sticking up for his own photo time. Cute little sisters can be such hogs of the spotlight!

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