Blogger, you fucker.

Okay– not to be harsh, but I’d just written a lovely post about my kids’ recital and all sorts of funny things–it was hard to do, because I’m exhausted and the kids are exhausted, but I think I managed to pull off lots of things to make you all laugh at… I pushed post, and blogger had a giant intestinal blockage, and most of it disappeared.


I’m going to rewrite it, but the end of the post was a paean to Clarence Clemons, who passed away today, and I’m sort of heart sore and sad, because I’ve loved Bruce and his e-street band for many years, and dammit, it was a good memoriam, and I’m not sure if I’m up to it again.

But I’ll try… again, tomorrow. In the meantime, listen to this and think, “Oh my God. Human beings felt so rawly and so passionately, that they made this joyful, desperate, feral, heart full noise!” And thank any god you wish that Clarence Clemons was among them.

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  1. Clarance died? I feel old today.

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