Boogers, redux!

My friend was just over to visit–I showed her Chicken’s post with the pictures, and whilst I bathed Ladybug, she perused other blog entries. She hit the one where the Cave Troll told me that what he had eaten was most definitely NOT deodorant and said, “Cave Troll–did you eat BOOGERS? How gross!”

I was not in the room, but by her account, he said, “No-its not gross. It’s boogers!” And then he pulled one out and showed it to her.

I’m going to hell for procreating, I just know it!

But otherwise, I have another FO–I’m not even going to try to show them to you, because Big T’s been wearing them all day, and honestly, I’m afraid the camera would break from the odor. Suffice it to say that I finally finished Big T’s camoflage socks–go me! Today, I started immediately on the hat/sockies set for my co-worker–it’s in this sockyarn that’s SOOOOO very beautiful…soft rose, soft blue, soft green…it’s like water colors. LUUUUUUURRRRVVVEEE that Cherry Tree Hill sport-weight.

And other than that? I was going to talk about Fed Ex…but all I can seem to come up with is “The fucking Fed-Ex fuckers fucking fucked me a-fucking-gain.”

*sigh* Obviously I just don’t have enough distance from the crimes of the incompetent fuckers at Fed Ex to even blog about it. I’ll get there. I’ll whip up a blazing post that cooks them at their desks as they sit, without even knowing why or what or how, but in the meantime, suffice it to say that from now on, I’m going UPS.

But, on the work front, I do have some of my mojo back–my snarky department head, after dealing with some pedagogical differences during a work-meeting (yes. the pompous asses in my department really did use the words ‘pedagogical differences’–that wasn’t me making fun of them.) saw me going to the bathroom and said sardonically, “No, Amy–don’t go. We’re gonna have a group hug before this is over.”

To which I replied, “My toddler has eaten all the pit stop in the house and I haven’t worn deodorant in a week. You really don’t want to get that close to me.”

*smirk* Yup–there’ve been some set backs, but the mojo is still there.

0 thoughts on “Boogers, redux!”

  1. Yea you! After you wash the socks, we’ll want to see them.

  2. Louiz says:

    *snigger* re the deodorant. Boo re the delivery people.

  3. roxie says:

    You have a gift for the bon mot! The guy sounds like an egregious piss-ant with profound inadequacy issues.

    The Cave Troll lives up to his name.

    Yay for finished socks and joy to Big T!

  4. Em says:

    I would say avoid DHL with your packages, too, if that’s an option in your neck of the woods. I work with them at “the Zone: (every time I or someone near me calls it that, another little piece of my soul dies), it took me eight or nine phone calls and over a month to get a couple thousand dollars worth of merchandise shipped to the right place. Bottom line, don’t send anything you like with them.

    Snarkiness is a gift that seems to ebb and flow with stress and confidence levels. Yours will return to you in force, I’m sure. Even on the days it doesn’t, feel free to tell people that one day, they will live in Texas. It will confuse them and make you smile. By the way, I’m still accepting applications for Vice-President for Life, if you’re interested. Good benefits, we could employ the whole family, too (nepotism rules!).

  5. gemma says:

    yay Amy, that’s the girl we know and love! Don’t let the bastards grind you down!

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