Book Shit Goes On…

Okay– some interesting thing going on in book land–but first, news from the children:

Does anyone recognize the bucket of boat trash poncho?  Still fits but very differently.

Squish:  Mom, that’s a graveyard.

Me:  Yes, it’s a cemetery.

Squish:  A cemetery is a graveyard.  If you keep falling apart, you’ll end up in a cemetery, and we’ll have to go say goodbye to you.  But if you don’t fall apart, we won’t ever.

Me:  0.0  Yeah.  Okay.  Sure.

And Zoomboy?  He just came out and told me, “Look mom!”

Me: You’re wearing Superman pajamas!

ZB:  Yeah– and Finding Nemo underwear!

And THAT folks, is life with the short people;-)

And now, on to book land!

First of all– I was so reeling from the overwhelming support at goodreads that I forgot to mention this, which is too bad, because it’s a real honor, too.

I’ve been nominated in a couple of categories over at the Paranormal Romance Guild.  If you follow THIS LINK you will get to the ballot, and starting January 10th, you can vote.  I’m so proud of their good opinion– I’ve known the wonderful people at the PRG for nearly five years, and they’ve been so supportive.  If you could go take a look and vote for ANY of the good books you see there, a lot of hard work on their part will be rewarded:-)

Second of all– take a look at the small writing underneath the title, TALKER.  See anything unusual?  Yup!  Talker is one of the first titles in Dreamspinner’s new foreign language line –this is the cover for the Spanish translation, but there will also be French and German, and it’s already out in Audiobook (available at and… Gods.  Okay, back when I taught AP, I told students that I was counting on them to go out into the world. I was a small time person, in a small school, in a cowtown, but they were bound for great things.  If anything I taught them had any wisdom whatsoever, they could take that wisdom out into the world and do wonderful things, and I would be a part of that.  So I look at that title, and realize by book is being translated into three languages, and I want to cry, because this is me, going out into the world, to do wonderful things, just like I told them they could accomplish.  For the span of a novella, (or three;-)  I’m not a small time person, in a small school, in a cow town– for the span of a novella, I am out in the world, hopefully doing great things.  I am so proud.

And the third thing is that I’m a part of this!  I wrote a story–pure fantasy, with no (repeat, NO!!!) SWEARING–I know.  Someone just fainted.  And, of course, my least raunchy story was the one I sent in to Cup-o-Porn.  But here’s the lowdown on that story and some others written by some AMAZING authors, and we are all a part of it:-0  Check out the Cup-o-porn birthday bash on January 23 to see some free stories– mine included.  (For those of you who like my epic fantasy and not so much my more, umm, explicit stuff?  Please keep your eyes closed for most of cup-o-porn.  I plan to look all I want, but I don’t want anyone to be shocked:-)

Oh yes!  And I was part of an interview panel over HERE, and if you’re interested in things I’ve learned about the business of writing, here you go!

And that’s about all, folks… whew!  Dudes, I don’t even have time to whine about my doozy of a day!  Sweet dreams!


0 thoughts on “Book Shit Goes On…”

  1. K-lee Klein says:

    I can vouch for the "no f'ing way did you write a f'ing story without any f'ing swears" fainting thing and yeah, not one swear. *faints again*

    Congrats on all that good book shit, you deserve nothing but the best. And that is so cool, you going all foreign and stuff. Just keep doing the English stuff for us, kk?

    Your kids are adorable ny the way. Almost makes me want mine young again again…almost. 😉

    *squishes you*

  2. Unknown says:

    Thanks for the link to the PRG! I'd not heard of them, but just signed up. 😀

    Glad you had fun with the Business interview. You guys were amazing. So fun! Part two will be up later today.

  3. Donna Lee says:

    It's good to see you getting some of the recognition you deserve. It's such a cool thought that your books are going out into the world and that they may change someone's world just a bit. Amazing.

  4. Hmmm coffee and porn in the morning? Isn't that just a bit early? =^.^=

    Congrats! You're an amazing person, who is only beginning to realize it.

  5. roxie says:

    Audio versions? Foriegn language versions? OMG you so totally rock! Squeeeeee! you're Nauthor!

    Kids are darling, as ever. Quit falling apart.

  6. Zeke C says:

    "I'm not a small time person, in a small school, in a cow town– for the span of a novella, I am out in the world, hopefully doing great things. I am so proud." Amy, I, along with so many of your fans, am incredibly proud of you — a hero. Through your writing you have become an international teacher of respect for diversity and freedom to love!

  7. Galad says:

    I thought that poncho looked familiar!

    Congrats on becoming a global author 🙂

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