Brief moment of insanity…

I’ve noticed that I don’t have any real blogposts for this last week–I guess my head really HAS been up my writing ass, hasn’t it?

Anyway, I promise something more substantial by tomorrow… I’m getting ready for school, and it’s sort of exciting and depressing, all in one. But in the meantime, I just made the following observation–this is one of those weird statistical improbability bullshit things that can only happen with a scheduling program in a really big school:

I had ONE Sophomore class last year. ONE. What are the odds that, in THREE (out of a school-wide total of ELEVEN) Junior classes, I’d get TWELVE kids that I had as Sophomores. TWELVE. And only two of them weren’t total shitheads. And EIGHT of them are in 2nd perod–the same class I had them in last year. SOMEBODY do that math…

See? See? Weirdness. I swear… karma… she is a big, hairy, rabid fucking dog, and she smells my blood…

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  1. DecRainK says:

    So so so so so good :0)

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