Brief Weekend Wrap Up


Okay– going out of town next week with the WHOLE FAM DAMILY… and more about that later, I’m sure you’ll see the occasional picture!


So Kermit Flail is going up in the morning and tonight is mostly random disparate things…

First of all…

Eddie Vedder and Beyonce. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS WAS A THING.

Second of all…

The kids got a chance to see the Kings win tonight. Their father sent me pictures–

Third of all…

Why we have Girl Scout Cookies…

I was driving to go pick up Big T and I passed a homemade sign on my right that said, “Girl Scout Cookies”. I looked around, and saw nothing but suburb.

A half a block later was another sign.

A half a block later was a BANNER–and across the street from the banner was a table with a girl and her parents, her parents holding signs and the girl sitting behind the table looking hopeful.

Looking down the blocks I could see the same signs I saw, but facing the other direction.

This was genius.

Not a grocery store in sight.

It was initiative.

It was planning.

It was a family effort.

I bought four boxes.


Fourth of all…

My blogging is going to get spotty again– forgive me! But tune in–I’ll try not to be so stingy on the pictures. I mean, me, Mate, our kids–it’s our favorite people on the road.

What could possibly go wrong? No… no… don’t answer that…

We’ll figure it out on our own.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Big hugs and Bright Blessings on your trip!

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