Bring out Your Swag!!!

Okay– for the record, I’m going to cross post this one on both the website and the blog, because if it’s on the website, it will be around for a while.


When I ordered swag for GRL, I ordered a LOT of it, because I didn’t want to have to order ANY MORE for at least a little while.  I figure that if I order bookmarks or stickers as the books come out, I’ll be just fine until next year.

Anyway– the good news is, I’ve got lots, and while some of it is getting shipped off to St. Augustine for Old City, New Blood, and some of it might even make it to Romantic Times, I’ve got plenty left.  So, uhm, would anybody like my swag?

I’ve got stickers, activity books (and Mary found four errors I’d made in the activity book– if nothing else, they’re good to point at me and laugh!), book marks, crayons, and LOTS of pens, and purple dragon bags stuffed with all of the above.  (About the pens?  I was puzzled when the first batch arrived, because I hadn’t remembered ordering them in Christmas colors, right?  Well, THIS WEEK, I got an entire box of dark blue Amy Lane pens that makes the OTHER colors NOT look like Christmas.  Anybody want a blue frickin’ pen?)

Don’t worry about postage, I’m happy to send stuff out.  Just contact me ON THE WEBSITE (you’ll see the box) and give me your address then.  Like I said, I’m happy to do it– and let me know what you want signed, too!


0 thoughts on “Bring out Your Swag!!!”

  1. Katy says:

    I would love the bag!! And the pens!! Don't want to post my address here so is it ok if I send it to your email address?

  2. I saw one of your plot bunnies last night. It was the only one I saw all year.

    Love the swag!

  3. SusieQ_too says:

    Would love a goody bag, Amy, ESP a purple dragon bag!

  4. SusieQ_too says:

    A purple dragon bag?!?!! My fav color and my fav critter!! Would love anything you want to send, but please ESP. the bag! If you have enough extra, could you maybe sign an empty bag for me? Thanks so much Amy.

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