Busy, BUSY weekend…

Takes deep breath…

ZoomBoy’s choir presentation was Saturday– so for most of the week there’s been picking him up late and trying to make sure we had everything from an iron to sour gummy candy to hair gel.

But it was worth it– the presentation was FANTASTIC, and it lasted a good three hours (so, like, exhausting) and the middle was a raffle/silent auction that, well, sent us into a coma. But other than that, it was really festive, REALLY original, and really well done. My only complaint was that as a member of the basic concert choir, ZoomBoy was stuck in the back a lot–but that’s okay. We could see him radiating sound and good attitude even from the back of the stage.

The basket of paperbacks I donated was made a silent auction item instead of a raffle item, which pleased me. I hope they made a lot of money on it–I mean, JUST the books alone were probably worth $150, but they were SIGNED and that makes them better.

Between ZB’s rehearsal and his performance, we stopped at a Christmas tree lot–well, a VERY SKETCHY Christmas tree lot that only took cash and barely had a register kiosk and generally looked like the trees all “fell off a truck” and ended up in the parking lot of Sunrise Mall.

But that’s okay–we pretty much couldn’t afford a tree from a fancy lot–we had to take Sketch Enterprises and like it.

And like it we did…

We put it up today, and the big kids came over, and Mate got paid so there was a roast and rice–and Squish did all the decorating, but ZoomBoy pulled out his R2D2 lights that his sister gave him for Christmas last year.

And now, we have a tree, and I spent an evening listening to music, and my car is tuned into Christmas music for drive time and generally?

It really IS the season.


If you follow me on FB, you may have seen that I’m setting up a Patreon. So, most of the free fiction I put up here will now be on Patreon, for a small price.

I’m sorry for this–I love writing ficlets and just randomly posting here, but this will help supplement our income, and that’s something we really need. I’m going to try to make it worth it to sign up for the top tier–I hope to be sending out .pdfs of previous fillets as often as I can.

Thank you all so much for your patience and encouragement in this–the comments on FB were really really supportive.

My Patreon page is right here: https://www.patreon.com/AmyHEALane  And there are two posts up for public view. The fiction will all be for the tiers, so from now on, the blog will probably be about three times a week, and mostly family stuff.

But still here.

Being able to go back and find my birthday post to my oldest son from 12 years ago was sort of a tribute to why blogs are a good thing. I hope to keep blogging for quite sometime.

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