Busy Day

This morning I posted a semi-facetious sally about all the things I had to do today and 140 characters weren’t enough–

Wine we didn’t ultimately buy.
Walk the dogs, start a blog tour, work on a novel, go grocery shopping, shop for ZoomBoy’s science experiment, get new prescription sunglasses since the last ones fell apart, go out on a date with Mate including dinner and a movie, come home, blog, work on the novel and go to sleep.
I have to say, the only thing I didn’t get done was that second part about working on the novel. 
For the record?
The sunglasses are so welcome, walking the dogs in the park is a welcome change from my neighborhood, ZoomBoy’s model of potassium looks wonderful and strangely Christmassy, McCormick and Schmick’s steakhouse is SUPER DOOPER overrated both in service and meal, I sent in my first day for the blog tour, we went grocery shopping and remembered to buy corned beef, and the novel is proceeding apace, but is still over deadline.
Zoom boy’s Christmas colored craft barf. 
And a friend assured me that it’s a good thing we didn’t buy the pretty wine–it’s apparently the Everclear of Chardonnay. 
And I think I’m ready for my bed now!
OH! But before I go!
Damon  Suede’s book, Lickety Split goes on sale tomorrow, and I have A SHORT, EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW SNIPPET RIGHT HERE ON MY BLOG!  It’ll go up tomorrow morning!
And now I really MUST go to bed!

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