Busy Days Again

So, I’ve been to a few Back to School nights.

I’ve even been to a few at this particular junior high.

Let’s just say, the thrill is gone.

It’s not even that I don’t want to be there–it’s just that the back to school night, with the, “This is our routine, these are our standards, here’s how you contact me,” schtick is… well. I seriously want to talk to teachers and find out how awesome my kids are.

So when ZoomBoy texted to say he was done with play auditions and ready to picked up, well, I had no problem at all ditching math class and leaving early to avoid the traffic.

Anyway, there you go. That’s as out of control as our family gets.


Me: So, you weren’t waiting too long?

ZB: No. But I have a confession to make.

Me: Shoot.

ZB: Well, auditions didn’t start until 4:30 and we got out at 2.

Me: What did you do with that time.

ZB: Mostly dick around and piss people off.

Me: Uh, well done?

ZB: It was. We REALLY pissed people off. We got the finger and everything.

Me: Next time tell me and I’ll bring you lunch.

ZB: Okay! Lunch would have been great!

Me: *grumbles to self* Like you wouldn’t be able to piss people off…

Also, and I don’t know why I think this is hilarious except Squish was so sincere when she said it. She’d gotten up late so I didn’t have time to braid her hair in the morning. She brushes it anyway, but can mostly manage a big fluffy ponytail.

And she got home and was sitting on the couch, brushing her hair, whining, “MOMMMMMMMY!!! I can’t THINK with all this hair!”

And I’m thinking women all over the world would hear that and agree. I can’t think with so much hair either.

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