California Girls–Take 2

So, back in the pool again for three!

1.  Today the instructor’s radio went out toward the end. We stretched in silence for a moment, and she said rather forlornly, “Last time, you guys sang California Girls.”  (Yes, that was me. I did that.) So some of the pool–who had not been there– laughed, and I thought, “Well hell.”

“The East Coast girls are hip…”

We made it through the whole song 😉

2.  Squish and Zoomboy came to swim with me today (I keep getting them out of the house by saying, “Remember, you start school next week, and you’ll SO WISH you could go swimming!) Today we played Simon Says, but I’d been having so much fun talking to them prior that I made it, “Simon says run in place and tell me your favorite after school cartoon–Squish!” (Or Zoomboy!)

I thought of as many fun questions as I could, and it was possibly the most fun we’d ever had at Simon Says–and we now have a new game 🙂

3. On Friday, our aqua instructor is Ayla, and she’s got a rather pixilated sense of humor. I know this. I do my best to encourage it.

She was telling us to exercise our thighs. “That there is your ham hock, ladies–make sure it’s strong and tasty!”

Some of the ladies laughed, and I chirped up with, “When the aliens come down for us, I’m gonna be a DELICACY!”

Watching her crack up was one of my favorite things.

Oh– and socks!

I finished these up so I could send them with the poncho, and I love them. I particularly love the reverse striping– I worked them both at the same time, one from the middle of the skein and one from the end of it, on the giant magic loop. I only had to break the yarn once because of a giant tangle, and I was so pleased that the striping pattern didn’t really get interupted– it’s as close as I ever get, so there.

But I was thinking, as I sent them off, about how awesome it is to make something and give it–or just to give something. I sent another friend yarn today, because she’s not feeling great, and she’s stuck on her back and I wanted her to have something bright to work with.

And it just IS wonderful. I love getting gifts–I always have. I’m like a little kid that way.  But I love giving them too– and sometimes the giving is the best. Because the people in your life are so wonderful, you want them to have something, some small token, that shows them how much they give to you every day.

And that’s all I’ve got. It’s just awesome to give.  Not profound–just is.

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