Can’t talk, gotta write… (and knit…)

I know other people have talked about how sometimes going through a low project phase…I’ve done that too–nothing really appeals to you? YOu can’t decide on a color? Well, I’m in sort of the OPPOSITE of that stage…I want to cast on EVERYTHING, and then I want to work on it until it’s DONE, GLORIOUSLY DONE, DONE DONE…

The sport-weight, toe-up sock, two at a time, on circular needles is my particular passion… I just finished a pair of these–it seemed like an excellent way of using the pretty Regia (psycho-kitty’s favorite brand) that I bought to replace the first two balls that he destroyed. I’d made Ladybug a pair of socks from it, and wanted to use it all up (since I had, in fact, PURCHASED IT TWICE) and Chicken loved the pair so much (I had actually made for the small-footed Auntie Wendy) that she sort of commandeered them this morning. It helped when I told her that, given psycho-kitty’s propensities, he’d probably make long sweet lurve to her feet when she wore them. Now I can go find Ladybug’s pair, and they can have feet that match!!!

But I have other stuff on the needles too, and it’s all close to completion–or really quick anyway. My Auntie Barb got a ‘tour through the project bag’ for her birthday. The thing is, I had like, six projects working, and no names on any of them, and I asked her which project she wanted me to finish for her in particular… she chose the fingerless mitts in the Araucania–and as Goddess is my witness, I will take a picture of these because they are 75% done and they are really some of my best work!!! I’ll be proud to give them away. I have 1 1/8 of a pair of fingerless gloves to make (in worsted) for a student, and a scarf to make for a student (I was 1/8 of the way done, but Gordy the asshole psychokitty wasted it too–tell me, I’ve got skeins and skeins of crap-wastic–that’s worsted/plastic– laying around–why is it always the expensive shit?) I’ve got a new set of sport-weight toe-up 2-timers, and a cherry-tree hill plain old on the magic loop, and, of course, the peacock colored cloverleaf rib 2timers…

And I could sit and work on these things for HOURS. I am sooooooo in the mood. (Me, a movie, naptime, and my needles…it’s a dct–a Dream Come True:-)

But I’ve also hit a crucial part of Bitter Moon II, and I think that maybe more people–including Chicken–would be happier if I worked on that. (Assuming, that is that more than just those reading this blog ever read Bitter Moon I–I got a wonderful comment and review from GJohnson about BMoon I–thank you darling!!!– but the sales have pretty much convinced me I sent my baby to school during a New England Winter, when I had dressed them in anticipation of a Northern California Fall.)

But still…I’ve been planning this part of B Moon II from the PROLOGUE of B Moon I–I’m almost as breathless as my main characters!!!

So I”m basically up to my eyeballs in unnecessary obligations that I adore fulfilling. It’s cleaning the house that I”m having trouble with!!! (That, and dealing with my 6th period…I think Thugs-R-Us is missing it’s inventory, and I can’t find the shipping label to get rid of the bottom half of this class’ soul!!)

Anyway, I’m a little bit sick (sore throat, sore ears, tired) and that could account for the need to knit…I don’t think the need to write is going to be in any danger of going away.

Oh yes–and on the child-front?

As I watched the Cave Troll walk into daycare this morning, it occurred to me that he was not looking his best–his hair needs cutting, and we’ve been calling him Einstein for the past few weeks. (We’ve been calling his little sister ‘Oppenheimer’–they’re the mad-scientist twins.) His sweats were old, he was wearing his father’s socks with his sandals, and his shirt was a little bit big for him. (It was bought in anticipation of a winter growth spurt that did actually come–but it didn’t add anything to his weight.) The shirt also reads, ‘Pull my finger’–because he was being particularly stinky that day.

So, as I rolled my eyes and scolded myself internally for sending my kid to day care looking like the poster child for neglected mad scientist’s children, Brenda said suddenly, “Ms. Lane–I’m taking the older kids to the capital today, is that okay? They’re having an activity day for abused children awareness–I thought the older kids would have fun there.”

“Sure,” I said weakly. “But try to make sure he doesn’t end up on any fliers as an example, wouldja?”

She was a Junior when I was pregnant with the Cave Troll–she’s seen me come to school in full mad-scientist regalia, including mismatched white tennis shoes. (K Swiss–one from one year, one from the other.)

“Aw, Ms. Mac–he’s just like you. He’s unique.”

That was my cue…I was outta there. Watch for my kid on the news.

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  1. Donna Lee says:

    You made me chuckle at the image of the little one wearing his father’s socks and sandals. The world needs more unique people. Too soon our kids want to look like everyone else. Ask my daughter about the pink,sparkly, Spice Girls shoes she just had to have or die. Fortunately, she grew out of that particular phase.

  2. TinkingBell says:

    Love the picture that makes! Mine girl went to school in her new winter uniform (a size 8 year old uniform on a size 5 year old grl) – and she looked so small and cute and serious I wanted to cry! – she loves the uniform and being a big girl and they’re so expensive you buy ones to get 2 years wear so all the preps look tiny and completely covered by nearly ankle length dresses…. Then Destructoboy is still waiting for the rest of his spurt – size 2 too small and 3s too big and whatever he wears is too big and covered in chocolate,, and I have WIPs to the wazoo and feel like crap – when did you start living my life?

  3. Julie says:

    Dude! We ALL dress like that at our house. I need to take a photo of the hub’s lounging shirt for you. The only reason I let it survive is because he promises not to wear it out of the house. I wouldn’t even use it for a dust rag.

    As for mis-matched shoes, once when I was going to school in Hawaii, I showed up for class BAREFOOT. Totally forgot to put shoes on, didn’t realize it ’til my foot hit the cold tile floor of the classroom. And I didn’t have pregnancy to blame it on.

  4. Galad says:

    It sounds like a pretty typical outfit for my daughter at that age(unlike my son why liked suits and ties) She wore mismatched outfits, her brother’s outgrown clothes and uncombed hair with snarls. Since smart and talented often goes with unique, your family are winners!

  5. Before I started making socks, it wasn’t uncommon for me and both girls to have mismatched socks, daily. Now the socks are still mismatched, only because I’m too lazy to match up the colorways.

  6. roxie says:

    I sort of worry about the little kids that look perfect in every way. Obviaously, they are given no say in what they wear. Who CARES what a four-year old wears as long as s/he’s warm and comfy? I remember hours of torment in pretty dresses with nylon net petticoats that made my waist bleed because the raw edges weren’t covered. They don’t let you do that to political prisoners!

    Bitter Moon is wonderful. You just haven’t built the fan base yet. I hate it when sales are flat, but aren’t you glad it’s a book, and not a big house that you are trying to sell?

  7. GeorgiaPeach says:

    🙂 Keep up the good work! You ARE a great writer, and if some people don’t realize it, screw them! What ever happened to the writing agent?

    Your Ladybug and Cave Troll are adorable, but I must admit, your blog sometimes reminds me that as fun as being a mom is, its a lot of work!

    I am sure once you become a parent, you can appreciate your own parents a LOT more!

  8. Em says:

    For the record, the daughter my mom speaks of is NOT ME! There was never a pink, sparkly phase in my life. Nope. Not here. Never. No. Move along, talk to the other sister. Nothing to see here. Carry on…

    That disclaimer aside, think of it this way–he’s getting a head start on being a teenager, when all the “cool” kids wear pajama bottoms and sandals to school just because they can. There is nothing wrong with kids looking eccentric, so long as they’re covered and comfortable. After all, it’s one less argument in the morning, right?

  9. Ilona says:

    OMG, you knit!

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