Okay all–it’s been a busy few days.  I’ve tried to blog, but, well, I’m trying out the little tablet computer–and I have to say, as a workhorse, it sort of fails, although it is portable as hell.
Anyway– between Balboa Park and the San Diego Zoo and a day spent just getting lunch and yarn and swimming in the resort pool (and that last one seems to be what the kids think we came for!) I have some pictures, and some snarky captions to share. 
Now, for those of you who follow me on Twitter, you may recognize the snarky captions.  But some of them are missing, and I’m tired and the internet is being stubborn, so I’m going to blame the tablet thingy whether it’s the tablet thingy’s fault or not.
But while I’m cursing the tablet thingy’s shortcomings, here’s some pictures of my week:-)
Yeah, I look like a sleepy hippopotamus, but remember the last zoo?  I am BAD ASS.

The ass of a chillaxing polar bear.  Carry on, puny ozone destroyers, carry the fuck on.

Seriously, seven hours at the zoo?  Where’s the frickin’ POOL?
Post-coital bonobos. Because Goddess was merciful and we caught them 10 minutes after the great bonobo orgy.

Have you ever waited for a lunar eclipse while watching Singing in the Rain?  Well, now I have too.
If you think he looks surprised, wait until you see his sister.

And if you think her brother looked scary behind the controls of the helicopter, watch the hell out, cause she’s gonna fuckin’ kill us all.
Mom, this is the expression chimpanzees make when they’re happy.

Folks, these are the pictures I pull out when he’s driving me bugshit.

She looks so thoughtful, doesn’t she?  It’s amazing the depths that Judy Moody will give you.
How much wood could a wood duck fuck if a wood duck could fuck wood.

Fucking worship me, puny humans!  Bow before my greatness, or I shall stand in front of your tour bus and preen in the chrome bumper, forcing the security guard to venture forth in greatest indignity and shoo me with great weaving of arms!
Chicken has found her spirit animal.  He is the sun bear.  He naps in the sun.

Let me out, you assholes, let me ouuuuuutttttt!!! 
I picked the best souvenir from the air/space museum EVERY

 Monkeys, meet gorillas.  Yeah, there’s a resemblance.

 Pretty Birdie want your fingers?  Oh, yes he does!

Okapi.  Cause they’re frickin’ COOL!

 I am one of a zillion birds.  What makes me special?  I POSE!

And phew!

Yes– it’s a lot.  It’s so much, in fact, that although I have moar pictures to go, my baby computer is having a tantrum and not dealing with them.

That’s okay. 

We go home tomorrow, and then I leave again on Monday.  More blogfodder (and, well, Easter shall provide even MOAR) is always a good thing 🙂

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