Car Drama in Three Acts

 So I’ll be honest–our lives got a little busy in the last week and I haven’t blogged in a bit. Of course, in the last week, we’ve had a couple of fun things. An old friend from high school came to visit, and I found the perfect chicken and waffles venue–after a lot of hard searching, believe me. (It’s a chain–Country Waffles–and I’m now a fan.) 

And the visit with the old friend was lovely. What was funny was that when I was leaving the house to take her to her sister’s house, Mate said, “I’ll come with you.” He’d been working and was a little stressed about it, so I was surprised. But after we dropped her off (and I was so happy for the opportunity to visit!) he said, “Thanks for letting me come along. We just haven’t talked in forever!” Which was nice–and true. I just love that when you’re older, a car date is a chance to be alone with someone so you can have a one on one conversation–now THAT’S sexy! Anyway–after that, he said, “So, what do you want to do about tomorrow?”

To which I answered, “What’s tomorrow?”

And he said, “Now see, that’s where I was at about four hours ago.”

And I said, “Wait, what’s tomorrow?”

“Now that’s where I was at an two hours ago.”

“What is tomorrow? Is tomorrow something?”

“We’re getting closer…”

“Oh my God!” I cried, feeling stupid. “It’s our anniversary!”

“And that’s what hit me about an hour ago. Should we do anything?”

“I went to Target to get Father’s Day cards for you, and I forgot about our anniversary.”

“Well, I haven’t been to Target, and I’ll be honest–I don’t see it happening.”

I sighed. “I’ll be honest–the trip to San Francisco we’re taking on the 26th–I’ve been conflating that with our anniversary. Is it okay if we just kiss each other and be glad we’re together tomorrow, and save our money for the trip?”

“And now we’re on the same page.”

Which reminds me–we’re leaving tomorrow mid-morning, with an adult child at home with the teenagers, and I’m soooo looking forward to it.

And now for Car Drama in 3 acts. Father’s Day.

Act I, S1, in which my stepmom calls us up and asks if we can bring Big T and ZoomBoy to her house on Father’s Day because she and my dad are moving furniture because unlike us, their house is being kept nice and they’re redecorating.

Act I, S2, We ask Chicken to pick her brother up, because HIS car drama is well documented here, and she agrees. Oh, thank God, we say to ourselves. That is one leg of the Citrus Heights to Sacramento to Loomis triangle that we do NOT have to participate in. *fakes laughter* Oh, if we only knew.

Act I, S3, in which Chicken calls us up and says, “I’m at my brother’s, but my car is acting up. Can you come get us?”  Oh. Well. Shit. 

Act I, S3, in which Mate says, “If it’s still running, Chicken and I will drive it back to Chicken’s apartment, while you two follow us to make sure we get there.”  And the tension is building.

Act II

Act II, S1–Meanwhile, in Chicken’s vehicle, just as they’re getting off the freeway at Auburn Blvd. 
Mate: Wow–that knocking noise is getting worse. I’d say it was overheating, but your temperature gauge appears to be pretty cold. Wait… *remembers it’s 104 outside*
Chicken: Yeah, that’s broken.
Mate: Oh shit–
Car: Starts pouring out steam from blown radiator.

Act II, S2–Meanwhile, in my car, just as we’re getting off the freeway at Auburn Blvd.
Me: Oh shit, traffic’s really bad here. What’s blocking the corner of the intersection?
Big T: Looks like a car’s broken down. Ugh, I hate to be that person in the broken down car.
Me: So does your sister.  
Big T: Oh no…

Act II, S3–In which we leave Chicken to deal with the tow truck to her apartment and take her dog with us, because we figure we’ll be picking her up there after the tow truck arrives.


Act III, S1. In which Chicken calls us up and tearfully begs out of Father’s Day festivities in Loomis, and then asks if we can bring her dog back.

Act III, S2. In which three out of four kids–and three out of four dogs–load up in the back of the Honda Odyssey so we can go backwards, drop off the dog, and then go to Loomis, with a stunning 100 miles under the Odyssey’s belt just dealing with car drama. Mate and I make tentative plans to devote my July paycheck to Chicken’s car, since June’s has gone toward Big T’s.

Act III, S3–The ironic twist: The kids sweat like iced tea pitchers at a summer picnic the entire way to Loomis because–you guessed it–the A/C in the back of the car isn’t working, and we have to wait for the cycled air to cool down. It seems we’ve been paying for the kids’ cars so much that our own is not necessarily in prime condition.

And… Finis.

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