Cats and Balls

Short post tonight…

So, went to a party for some friends of Mate’s from soccer. They were LOVELY people–and talk about creative with the home and yard stuff– everything they did was like Pinterest but better. I was impressed. (People who get creative with home decor always impress me. I’m just glad home is still standing. It’s all I’m saying.)

Anyway– they had a deep fryer, and Mate pre-made some Mac and Cheese balls to deep fry.  They came out great– big and breaded and crispy on the outside and gooey on the inside.

However, Mate was forever to be known as the nice man with the big brown balls.  It was funny, right? A convo starter. “Hey man– how you doing? Those balls are pretty damned big!” “Oh yes they are, would you like to taste my balls?”  You know–because we’re all twelve, especially when there’s beer and jello shooters. Saying.

So, Mate came to sit next to me, and the hostess’s cat runs out of nowhere and jumps into his lap. The hostess was much impressed. “That cat doesn’t talk to anybody! That’s amazing!”

“You know,” I said, shrugging. “Cat’s love a guy with fuzzy balls.”

(You saw that coming, right? But I swear it happened.)

And tomorrow, hopefully some Scorched Haven!

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