Chicken Drew a Winner!

So, I threw all of the names–the ones from Goodreads and the ones from blogspot–into that green bucket that Chicken is holding and had her draw one out. It turns out that being greedy pays off, because katfish 184 WON,– and also made me REALLY want to work on some Quickening. I said little bits and pieces–I need a BIGGER BIT because it’s just sitting on my desk top, TAUNTING me!

So anyway… katfish, go ahead and e-mail me with your address and some colorway preferences and if you like sock yarn or want some worsted or dk or what have you! I’ll be happy to serve, baby– just let me know what you likes, odds are good, I got me some! (Of course, it’s not that simple– it takes DSP a while to get the actual hard copies into our hands– in this case, I’m sure Ms. Duffy will get her manuscript long before you get your book! Sorry!)

Anyway–my good news of the week is that the neighbor said she’d be able to watch Squish two days a week. I’m SO relieved–I love Squish, but trying to work when she’s here? It’s like trying to catch the frickin’ wind–and I’m SO behind! And then I feel bad because there’s screaming and whining, and well, sometimes daycare is a GOOD thing!

So, I got the cover sketches for I Love You, Asshole! (The Marcus and Phillip story!) and they’re SOOOOO beautiful! I wanted to post them, but (and I feel like ass when I do this) I requested some changes–Phillip’s hair was too long and they were a little too sweet to each other (re: the title– they really give each other hell!) but otherwise… oooooooh…. (The list of changes was actually sort of funny. I was typing it out, and Chicken was looking over my shoulder. “No, mom– don’t make her cut his hair!” “But he doesn’t look that way in the story!” “But it’s soooooo sexy!” “I know–but it’s not mentioned that way, even once!” “Who cares! The picture is awesome!” I included the conversation in the list–I wanted Anne to know that her work was REALLY appreciated!)

And other than that? SPN was pretty awesome tonight! I know, I know–the meta story has been weak this season–right up until tonight, where I think it’s going to pull together and the reveal is gonna SUCK! (In a good way!!!) Doesn’t matter. Still the one show on television that will make me drop whatever I’m doing and go watch. And for the record? Dean doesn’t get any less cute. This is season six, and I can watch him for just as long as I could in season one–and that’s sayin’ somethin’!

So, I must bail early– Squish has a birthday party to go to, and I’ve got to say, allergies are kicking this old woman’s ass! Got out to the pool today for water aerobics, and ended up (like a couple of compatriots) coughing my way through the session. The pollen was blowing off the trees and the top of the pool was COVERED–so it’s like we got chlorinated pollen down our throats, and it was HORRIBLE! Anyway– every time Squish says, “Come here, Mama, sit down!” it’s like a guaranteed 1/2 hour to 1 hour nap. Still not enough!

Congratulations, katfish– get to me as soon as you can! Whee!

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  1. DecRainK says:

    congrats to Katfish.

    Yay for writing on Quickening, woohoo for the cover for I Love You, Asshole. I cannot wait to read that story.

  2. Thank you for helping the reading disabled! Mom told me two nights ago (I forgot until right this second, damn drain bamage!) I was afraid I would never be able to read it again so thank you thank you thank you

  3. Congrats to Katfish.

  4. roxie says:

    Rock on, baby! You are my hero! You are an indie star.

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