Chicken’s Deal


So if I’ve seemed a little absent it’s because I’m getting ready to go on not one but two trips in short succession.  See, Chicken is graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science– and yes, she went through a compressed program.  So, she’s twenty, and stressed, and wondering if she stays in San Diego or comes home, and in the middle of all of that, we’re getting ready to take the whole family down to her portfolio show.

She has a graduation, of course, but it’s a week after the portfolio show, and only three of us can go to that.  So the deal is, as a family, we’re all driving down to the portfolio show– driving down on Saturday, seeing the show on  Monday, driving back on Tuesday, so the little kids can attend their dance recital rehearsals.

I am flying back down on Father’s day (the 21st), so I can be one of the people (along with Rhys Ford) who will see her graduation, and then I’m flying back on Tuesday, so I can help the kids with recital.  Then the kids will have recital on Friday the 25th and Saturday the 26th, and on Monday the 29th we’re taking Zoomboy to the airport from whence he will fly to Europe.  (Something else we’re getting ready for.)  After we drop him off, we’re driving down to San Francisco, where I will sign books for ALA at the Moscone Center from 11–12:30 (I think!).  

Then Mate and Squish and I will knock around San Francisco for a day, and come home.

Glorious home.

Where I plan to sleep for a day.

And then start getting ready for RWA, while editing, writing, etc, and all those other things I do for my job.

So now you know I’m just busy, and not that I’ve stopped being active.  I am, in fact, slightly over active.  But Deep of the Sound is coming out this weekend (If you ordered it from Riptide!)  and it will be out Monday if you’re ordering it from amazon.  (The paperback is already available!)   and there is a blog tour that goes with it that I’m sort of proud of.  (I know– you get tired of blog tours– which is kinda too bad, because I think if I went back and compiled all my @#$%ing blog tours, I’d have a decent autobiography, yanno?)  So there’s a blog tour, and a chance to win some of my Riptide titles (and there’s getting to be more of them!) and, you know DEEP OF THE SOUND coming out.  I’ll have some posts about that tomorrow, because NEW RELEASE!

So bear with me, okay?  I’m still here.  Oh– and the snake?  Because he is silly, and I feel a little like him, because on somedays, I don’t think think I’m fooling anybody.  “Hello, fellow grownups… I am also a grownup…”  See?  You can see the resemblance, right?  OH!  And the picture above?  Chicken did that of Squish. I. Am. So. Proud.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Congrats to you and yours, Amy!!! Wishing all the best to Chicken, and a joyous adventure to ZB!!

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