Chum for the Bucket

*  Fish Out of Water is coming out on Friday. Because it’s been too peaceful around here, right?

Currently available for Presale at Amazon, DSP, and ARe.

First reviews are coming out, and although it’s something of a departure for me–full on mystery/suspense isn’t always an easy transition from contemporary romance–so far, folks are supportive. (Or at least giving me the benny of the doubt 😉

*  On another note, I need to write a letter to my cat:

Dear cat–if you would stop sitting in the stickers, they would stop sticking to your ass. This would be a relief to all involved.



*  I was in full on blog mode when Squish came out, all pumped up from the book she’s been reading in bed when she should have been sleeping.  Anyway. The School of Good and Evilshe loves it, so parents of this age group, now you have more book crack for your children.

*  And speaking of questionable parenting choices, I actually said this today:

“Okay, whose commentary are you listening to on OverWatch?”

“I don’t know,” Zoomboy said. “Whoever’s trying to kill us.”

“Look, guys, whoever is saying “fuck” more than mom needs to go.”

“Okay, fine.”

And he signed off.  Good kids. Bad mom.  Saying.

*  It was hotter than Satan’s taint on a barbecue after he ate Thai hot curry and washed it down with a cayenne chaser.

I went out into curried hell and walked the dogs, stopped places, sent packages, shopped for food, and then came home and passed out. Then I woke up, did some pseudo work, then I sat down to knit and passed out again.

Mate played softball in the nastiest part of the day and came home and fell asleep in front of the DNC coverage.

The heat could suck the soul outta God, I’m not kidding.

*  The dogs come in from a walk in this heat like they’re all bad. “Didja see that? I drooled– tongue all floppy outta my mouth. Yeah, I know it makes me look goofy, but that’s some grade A dog sweat you people are looking at, and it proves I AM  real dog and don’t you forget it!” *sigh* Assholes.

*  And as if to prove their assholedom, they just freaked out behind my computer desk and pulled all my shit down. No, I don’t really know what shit. But I know it’s important and it’s plugged in and that it’s somehow vital to the function of my interwebs. I had Squish come and hand it up through the back of the desk, and I’ll have Mate check it tomorrow, but in the meantime, I repeat. Assholes.

And that is probably my cue to bail tonight– I’ve got 1K more before I sleep! (In the blessed blessed air conditioned cool. Ahhhhh….)

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