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I do this sometimes on my FB group, Amy Lane’s Anonymous, but that’s not really easy to recall and look at again and again and again.

I have reorganized my queue– and what this means to you is that I’ll be working on certain things because I’ve established a rhythm, and that certain other things are going to come out because they’re almost done.

I told a friend that I finished 260,000 words in 2015 that aren’t going to be published until 2017–and while that’s great for 2017, it might make this year look like I totally slacked, which is totally not the case. So I’m going to give you a list–complete with links if I have ’em, covers, or related covers if I have them, so you can see what’s coming.

1.  Lollipop, sequel to Candy Man and Bitter Taffy, out on January 25th, and available for presale at Amazon, DSP, and ARe.

2. Selfie, part of the BlueWater Bay collection, is out on April 18th, and available for presale from Riptide.

3.  The Green’s Hill Novellas which have already been published as individual stories (Litha’s Constant Whim, Guarding the Vampire’s Ghost, and I Love You, Asshole) which are going to be released as a collection in June.

4.  Fish Out of Water–Completed, Amy does the action/adventure buddy investigation thing, and that’s going to be out (tentatively ) on July 4th.

5.  Licorice Whip– In Progress, the FINAL book in the Candy Man series, which, if I can hit a deadline, should be out in September.

6. Rampant Part 1–The refurbished Little Goddess Book 4, part one, out on October 11th.

7. Summer Club– sequel to Winter BallTHIS is a VERY tentative release date, because I have two books to finish before I get to it!!!!   But, if I”m on my game, this will be out in early November.

8.  Rampant Part 2– Should be out on November 12th

9. Freckles– this is due March 10th, which means I need to finish Licorice Whip and get on it!  But it’s a novella and part of Riptide’s Christmas bundle, and I do love writing Christmas stories.

10.  Geezers in Love — Okay– that’s a working title, but this would be my Christmas story for DSP, and it would be out in mid December, and again, that’s if I get my ass in gear and write like I’m supposed to.

11.  The Virgin Manny– 1/1/17  This story is already written– I called it Tamale Boy and the Spoiled Brat, but we renamed it, because in 2016 and 2017 I’m going to write two more of these–Manny Get Your Guy and Stand by Your Manny, and that’s going to be fun. These are Dreamspun Desires, people. Doesn’t get much more lighthearted and code yellow than this!

12.  I’m not going to commit to this one HERE, but in my queue it says the fifth Johnnies is due out in  February, 2017.

13 & 14.  I am going to commit to this one, because the book has been written for nearly a year. Quickening, parts 1 and 2, will be out in May and July of 2017.

And now you know.

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  1. grammy1 says:

    OMG. THIS IS SOMETHING TO BE EXCITED FOR!!!!! I am posting this to my calendar.

  2. Andrea says:

    They all sound great but my heart belongs to JOHNNIES!

  3. Paine says:

    Oh, Quickening! I can't wait! And the new covers are so lovely. And so much to tide me over until then! Thanks Amy Lane!

  4. Soooo much Amy to look forward to! And I didn't remember there was another Johnnies coming down the pipeline. Must have all the reads!

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