Complicated Instructions…tag!

Okay, Knittech…lessee if I got this straight…

Type my birthmonth into wikipedia, write down two historical events and one holiday that happened therein, and tag five friends…

Did I do it right?

*In 1752, the British Empire adopted the Gregorian calendar. In the British Empire that year, September 2 was immediately followed by September 14.

*World War II started on September 1, 1939 with Adolf Hitler’s invasion of Poland. It ended on September 2, 1945 with Japan’s formal surrender.

*Caligula (Roman Emperor 37-41) attempted to rename September Germanicus after his father.

*In Japan, Respect for the Aged Day is a national holiday celebrated on the third Monday of September. Autumnal Equinox Day is also a national holiday.

And… I tag…

Well, anyone who wants to do it, actually, but I’ll list some names to see what we get…

Needletart (who always likes memes)
Samurai (because she likes history)
Netter (cause she got to go to the aquarium today)
Bells (because she’s in Australia and might get something different just because…)
Bunny Queen (because I want her to keep visiting)
And Roxie but only if she wants to–I know she’s very busy and she’s not really into the whole ‘tag, you’re it’ thing…

Okay–I did that without knittech’s helpful links, but I keep freaking my husband’s computer out by typing too fast–I’m trying to let the nanogremlins sleep for a little while–btw, my husband runs WOW on this thing every night–a mega-gagilion bites of technofat in that program, and does he freeze up this behemoth? noooo…but I TYPE to fast and it turns on me like a rabid hamster. There is no justice.

Now I get to do hurt neurotic little kid for the home crowd–you’ve all seen this before, you’re welcome to turn away.

I got my 2nd bad review on amazon…I’m up to 28 now, (27 if you don’t count the one I wrote myself when I was sure nobody else would ever read the book) and so far that’s People who like me: 25 People who hate me: 2 and I should suck it up and be happy, because those ain’t bad odds, considering how much I manage to piss people off in my normal life. But I’m gonna sulk a little, because, well, it’s what I do, and indulge in my new bookmarks–they’re gorgeous (to me) and anyone who wants two (there are two different designes) can send me a SASE and I’ll send back. (Or, heck, just send me your address, because, yes, I am that vain…) After I send a whack of them to Texas (where they are planning a display in my honor next month, lest I get too invested in my sulking) I’m going to put them in the Borders and Barnes and Nobles around here–I forgot my website or to put ‘available on’ on them, but that might actually help me out, because the reason I’m getting no love from my publishing company (so they say) is that I have no ‘channel sales’–that’s sales from book stores and distributors, as opposed to internet sales. So, I figure, I put these things in book stores and see what happens. (Like, you know, rabidly angry grammar nazis storming the store to get their money back because of the typos and sentence punctuation…sorry…sorry…I’m not sulking anymore, I remember now…) So, the bad review is out of my system, (or it will be if I get a few more good ones to sort of push it down on the page) and the good news rocks!

I’ll live. I always do!

0 thoughts on “Complicated Instructions…tag!”

  1. You have some interesting events on your birthday.

    Smart idea of ‘forgetting’ to say you can buy this on Amazon. Borders might not carry them.

  2. roxie says:

    Well, we already know that there are people out there who clearly have too much piss in their gene pool. They are mentally deficient and really can’t help themselves. Anyone with intelligence loves your work. Ergo, anyone who doesn’t is an idiot.

  3. NeedleTart says:

    I’ll have to catch you later on the meme. The contest is up and I want to give folks a week to confess to their odd knitting habits. Heh!

  4. NeedleTart says:

    I’ll have to catch you later on the meme. The contest is up and I want to give folks a week to confess to their odd knitting habits. Heh!

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