Cover Reveal– and thank you!

First of all, I’d like to say thank you to EVERYBODY who has told me that Keir and Nascha and Cal’s predicament with his family has moved them.  Not everybody feels that way, so your support–and belief that this story is ultimately positive and happy, and that the sweetness outweighs the pain–well, you’re Amy Lane fans for one, pure and simple– but you’re also the reason I get brave enough to write angsty orange for another.  You all know I could write happy, sunshine yellow Amy Lane Lite–but you love the angsty orange too, and I love writing that because it moves you.

So thank you, everybody who has been kind about these two difficult characters.  Most people out there know that mental illness is a cause close to my heart, and your acceptance means something to me.

And speaking of Amy Lane Lite–

Well, I still need to write my post about yellow– but I’m getting there!

But you should know that some more yellow is coming– I have here the cover for Bitter Taffy, the sequel to Candy Man.  Isn’t Rico pretty?  And Clopper is… well, Clopper– a big moo of a dog who works nicely as an analogy for pretty much every man in the story (until Lollipop which I’m working on now, because one of the guys is like Jake the cat).

But anyway– this is sweet, feel good, and fun, I hope. Lots of banter, lots of fun, a teeny bit heartbreak, but it’s like salt in salted caramel ice cream. Mostly there for flavor.

I hope you guys look forward to it– it’s coming out next month!

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  1. Logan says:

    I LOVED that book! I never thought of it as anything but positive. Never, ever stop writing from your heart. It is always beyond our expectations. Yes, sometimes you make us hurt but its charthatic. Sometimes, that's very necessary thing.

  2. You know I love Orange Amy! And I absolutely agree about the importance of mental health issues and destigmatizing them. And I, of course loved Deep. Your hurt boys healing is one my favorite things. Thanks, as always!

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