Cover Reveal: The Tales of the Curious Cookbook

Hey all!

So, last year at RT, Marie Sexton, Amber Kell, Mary Calmes, RJ Scott and I sat down and had a giggly conversation about, “Hey– let’s make an anthology together!”

And we did.

Each one of us wrote a novella about, of all things, a curious cookbook of which only five copies were made. Each copy was passed down and sideways through the families, and there was something… special about this cookbook.  Here– this is the blurb for the collective paperback, and it explains it all:

It’s called comfort food for a reason.
Not much is known about the cookbook, except that years ago, the mysterious Granny B collected a set of magical recipes and wrote them down. Over the years, each book has been modified, corrected, added to, and passed down through the generations to accumulate its own unique history. The secrets behind these very special recipes are about to find their way into new hands and new lives, just when they’re needed the most.

Food created out of love casts a spell all its own, but Granny B’s recipes add a little something extra. Thiscurious cookbook holds not only delicious food, but also the secrets of love, trust, and healing, and it’s about to work its magic once again.

So that’s the premise each of us took– and ran with.  

Now, the books in the banner are in order to how they’re going to be released–in e-book– in April, starting with RJ’s on April 1st, and then mine on the 8th, and Marie’s on the 13th, Amber’s on the 20th, and Mary’s on the 27th.  You’ll be able to buy the novellas separately, but in case you’re a lover of the printed book, they will be available anthologized together in paperback form, under Tales of the Curious Cookbook.  

And, uh, for the record?  Everybody’s story is AWESOME. 

Here’s the blurb for mine:

Emmett Gant was planning to tell his father something really important one Sunday morning—but his father passed away first. Now, nearly three years later, Emmett can’t seem to clear up who he should be with—the girl with the apple cheeks and the awesome family or his snarky neighbor, Keegan, who never sees his family but who makes Emmett really happy just by coming over to chat.

Emmett needs clarity.

Fortunately for Emmett, his best friend’s mom has a cookbook that promises to give Emmett insight and good food, and Emmett is intrigued.  After the cookbook follows him home, Emmett and Keegan decide to make the recipe “For Clarity” and what ensues is both very clear—and a little surprising, especially to Emmett’s girlfriend.  Emmett is going to have to think hard about his past and the really important thing he forgot to tell his father if he wants to get the recipe for love just right.
I love this story. It’s got a dash of sad, a helping of sugar, and it hearkens back to an unfortunate moment in my own cooking history when I swear to God, I made beet porridge.  

And it tasted delicious. 

So there you go– ta-da! My cover has been revealed!

Now, if you’d like to see what everybody else has to say about this little venture, don’t forget to check out Marie Sexton, RJ Scott, Amber Kell, and Mary Calmes— cause we’re all doing this together, cause that’s how it started.

And boy, I hope you enjoy the stories– because I have to tell you, I sure did enjoy the project!  (Do you notice that my icon is a cat and not food? That’s because I can’t cook for crap! Putting food on my picture felt like a big lie– enjoy the stories, but replicate my recipes at your own risk!)


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  1. ShirleyAnn says:

    Great cover I can't wait to read these books!!

  2. dblue says:

    Sounds great! I love food centric stories.

  3. Donna Lee says:

    It reminds me a little of Like Water for Chocolate. That little bit of magic.

    It sounds like a good read. You are endlessly creative!

  4. Kris says:

    Want. Want them all. They look fantastic!

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