Cricks and Critters

Recital season is in full swing, and I find that continuing life as I know it, per usual, makes me a horrible person.  On Friday I tried to work out and then go to the full night show, and I was, if I say so, a face-ripping cow by the end of the night. Today, when it became apparent my day was not going as I’d planned, I took a long nap and was a human being. Live and learn.

As for my day–well, Chicken’s day was worse.

We have a teeny-tiny house, and when she made it clear she was not moving back in after graduation, her father decided to use her room as a game room, because hey, free space! To that end, in December, we put her bed in the garage and moved in a futon so she would have some place to sleep when she visited. Now, her first apartment was furnished with a bunk bed and a futon–we figured she was young, she was spry, she could deal.

Apparently futons are evil.

This morning she texted us from bed. I don’t usually sleep with my phone–it was in the living room on the charger. Her father had his under his pillow, and it didn’t even faze him. Big T–THERE was our contact point. He apparently leapt out of bed as though stung and walked the five feet across the hall to see why she was texting him.

She had a crick in her neck and couldn’t move.

I got her advil, her father helped her roll over and get up, and we got her some new pillows and made plans. A doctor’s appointment? Well, a doctor’s appointment would get her an actual appointment for a massage and some PT. How about an appointment for a massage? Done.

So, she got advil, a massage, new pillows and an air mattress (quickly destroyed by the cats because why wouldn’t they destroy an air mattress sprung up in their room like a mushroom) and we’ll try very hard not to break our Chicken anymore this week.

And figure out an alternative for the next time she’s here, because we like her visits and would like her to keep coming back.

So that happened.

Also, I ordered THIS T-shirt from Traxel Tees–all of the proceeds go to the victims fund for Orlando, and the artwork was done by Paul Richmond who has done, among other things, my Candy Man covers.  The sales department chatted to me on FB, and they are a wonderful company, completely local to Paul in Columbus Ohio, and very dedicated to a better world and quality and–as one guy in the company video said, walking out of their door and seeing SOMEBODY on the street with one of their products.  I’m talking them up because they were so nice to ME and because what they’re doing with the T-shirt was really wonderful. I would love to walk down the street wearing this shirt and see somebody else wearing it, and know that my weird little corner of the world is yearning for peace just like I am.

So, I’ve peppered this post with pictures (alliteration, whee!) because now that I’m not rambling and sad, I thought you’d like to see the amazing creatures from the birthday party.

The Goddess really does love her unique and amazing creatures, doesn’t she?

May we one day wake to a world in which all humans cherish their unique and amazing brethren as well.

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