Cross Your Fingers

So, a little worried tonight– ZoomBoy’s cat, Newt-Dewey hasn’t been around all day and after Gordie   did that and then showed up mostly dead, well, we’re worried.

Newt-Dewey is what I call him–he looks like my friend’s old cat, whom she named Newt after the character in Aliens who didn’t speak. This Newt was really quiet for a couple of years, but OUR Newt-Dewey is a talker. Lots of mew-mews from this one.  He’s also named Dewey from the character in Malcolm in the Middle who was a sweetie-baby-honeyface with a slightly evil disposition.

Newt-Dewey doesn’t have an evil bone in his body.

He sits out in front of the house because he likes it outside and he usually eats a fuckton of cat food without flinching. We say he likes to judge us, but mostly that’s because if he’s not judging us, he’s just a big fluffy, fat mound of feline good will.

He loves my son madly, mewing on the table almost every night and asking for food. He hasn’t been there tonight, and we missed him.

He’s been a little sick lately–some throwing up–and I was going to call the vet if he seemed sickly. Sometimes cats just upchuck for no reason at all, you know?

Anyway… I am worried. SUPER worried.

And dammit, I really want my kid’s cat to not die.

So that’s what’s taking over MY brain tonight. That and not one but TWO edits that are gradually sapping my will to live.

So leave me to editing hell–that’s fine. But if everybody could give a little hopeful prayer for ZoomBoy’s cat, I’d be really grateful.

Dammit, Newt-Dewey, don’t pull a Gordie on us, PLEASE???????

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