Cute Shit…

Just a few things:

Yesterday, I asked the Cave Troll how his second-to-last-day of school was, to which he replied, “Pretty good, mom. I went to first grade today.”

“Really? What was that like?”

“It was in another room!”

And today, I came home and found Big T and Chicken playing video games. A couple of minutes later, Big T was doing dishes.

“Thank you, Big T. Thank you so much for doing that by yourself.”

Big T shrugged. “It’s no big deal–Bryar and I played for it. Bryar won.”

And finally, Chicken said something really wrong. She was playing a video game, and apparently, kept getting beaten by a character named Snake.

“I don’t get it–I keep trying REALLY hard to get Snake off!”

Think about it for a second. Yup. Really wrong.

And Ladybug? She’s all blue eyes and red hair–and you heard about the pee-pee incident yesterday. Yup–she must be cute, because I was searching for swearwords, but not yelling at HER!

0 thoughts on “Cute Shit…”

  1. roxie says:

    I don't have kids. You make it sound as entertaining as having kittens and only slightly more troublesome. They are SO lucky to have you for a mom.

  2. Catie says:

    I'm glad I was only taking small sips of my coffee. That one by Cave Troll was amazing… I'll have to tell that one to the husband

  3. Galad says:

    Good thing they are so cute (for those times that aren't so fun 🙂

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