D-Day minus five. Or six. Or five. Four? CRAP!

Mate and I finished shopping today while my car was in the shop, and at the moment, we’re sort of wandering around, lost.

Did we…?

Yeah– but have we…?

We were going to do that after, but don’t we have to…?

We’re not doing it this year, but I still have to….!

Oh, did you want me to…?

Please? But will you have time to…?

In short, we are as we have always been five days before Christmas. Ass-fucking lost.

So, to celebrate the ass-lostness, I’m going to post a few links and some youtube videos and go shred wrapping paper into a giant pile which I can sled down in a plastic box of ornaments.  (I’m lucky to have these things by the way, because the cat almost took out wrapping paper, ornament box, AND Christmas tree in one dopey, addlepated bound.  Mate’s heart is still beating fast from that horrible moment of, “If I get up to get the cat she’s going to DESTROY THE HOUSE!)

Anyway– enjoy the random, and enjoy the holiday. I know I am!

This one is dedicated to a poor woman on my reader group, who is living under this as we speak.

This one is VERRA cool, because the kids had just gotten totally addicted to Bruce’s version of Santa Clause is Coming to Town, and then tonight, Mate was watching the Christmas SNL and at the end? This came on, and they were like SQUUUEEEEEEEE!!!!

This one is for Big T, who wants nothing more than to watch Love Actually with us:

And this one is for me, because I listened to it about six times driving my newly serviced car home:

And this one is for you, because you can say you know a song by a band that has a lead flautist:

Tomorrow I take the kids to to the mall, with Santa– so maybe a little more to report 🙂 Oh! And I’m making fudge for Mate while he does house moving around. It should be… instructional.

Oh! That reminds me–

Chicken sent me this, and I’m going to try it!


0 thoughts on “D-Day minus five. Or six. Or five. Four? CRAP!”

  1. catteibrie says:

    Those Oreo truffles are the bomb! Be prepared to have them all disappear quick, fast and in a hurry.

  2. Unknown says:

    Blessed Yule to you and yours, Amy! May the Godden bless, hold and keep you and your family safe, warm, and without want today and throughout the Coming Year.

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