Damn–did you see that weekend fly by?

Okay– another breakneck weekend. Squish performed at the River Cats game on Friday with her whole school choir and my folks went to see her sing. So did Mate, ZoomBoy and I–and we did have the best time.

Saturday I met with the Sacramento writer’s group–I always get the acronym wrong, but basically it’s Sacramento writers of queer speculative fiction, and J. Scott Coatsworth is our fearless leader. Anyway– we’re going to have a booth at Sacramento Pride next week, and we were making plans for that at Cafe Dantorel’s.

After I drove up from Sacramento, we took Squish and ZoomBoy to my parents to stay the night, while Mate and I went to a party with Mate’s soccer peeps.

*sigh* Parties with too much alcohol are always a mixed bag. The good news is, before things got weird, leaving Mate and I to tiptoe away like fleeing thieves as the drama fell out around us, there were some awesome moments. Some of you may have seen Mate’s video riding the bull, for example? Yes. He was as studious and serious about it as you may imagine–but he also did a damned good job.

I also had some lovely conversations, and I had this picture taken with my friend Maria Teresa, whom, you may remember, was the inspiration for the wonderful mother in Lollipop. Her daughter had just graduated from Sac State, and having seen that little girl grow up with Chicken, I was unutterably proud of her myself. Anyway–the picture isn’t particularly flattering to me, but Teresa is radiant–and she’s always been beautiful, and I’m so glad we finally have a picture together.  (She and her husband, Lalo, were smart– they left before the weirdness began.)


This morning, after dropping Geoffie off for her regular vet checkup we went to get Big T so he could do laundry, and then, after picking up Chicken too, we went up to my folks’ house again, this time to barbecue. I didn’t take any pictures–but there are plenty of pictures of the backyard on the blog–but Chicken and I spent a long time talking about all the times we used the yard as inspiration–most notably in , Bella’s Brother and Shiny. I’m not sure how my stepmom felt about that, but it made us happy.

So we came home, had a quick movie–Sinbad–and then bed, and tomorrow is going to be some housecleaning and some serious work on my current WIP.  And if I’m lucky, I may even get to go swim.

So there you go–a big weekend, and maybe some naps tomorrow.

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