Dear Summer–

Where did you go?

It just occurred to me that I’ve been waiting for months for you to start!

You were going to start when I got back from RT, but there was that whole flu bug thing that about killed me.  And then there was the kid’s getting out of school, followed by their recital rehearsal, mixed in with two trips to San Diego for Chicken.

I mean, you couldn’t start then, right?

Then we had to drop Zoomboy off at the airport, and the dash to San Francisco– we couldn’t very well have summer without Zoomboy, could we?

And he’s back now! Yay! And we have performances at the state fair, and then mom has to dash away for a week, just a week, not so very long, right?

And I’ll be back! And Dad will be back! and we can start then! You, me, the kids, time at the pool, nothing hanging over our heads…

Except soccer season, which starts in August, and school which starts August 14th.

Oh, Summer– I feel as though you came to visit, and we were all so busy we didn’t see!  Your weather has been mild, and you’ve been ready for us to play, but when? When can we play with you when we’re all scattered our separate ways?

I”m sorry, summer. I am well aware we don’t get too many of you, especially when the kids are young. I solemnly swear that I’ll spend time at the pool with the children when I get home–will it be enough? Will two weeks solid be enough? Will it count? Will it matter that I’m an entire book behind on my schedule, because I’ve been trying to squeeze you in?


I know one thing, summer.

Next time you come to visit, I want to remember you. I want more outings, and a trip to the beach. I am not pleased with the way you’ve just flown through our lives.

We need to take the time to appreciate you and that’s all there is to it.

I promise, summer. There will be a time when we can make this work.  Cross my heart–I swear.


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  1. Devony says:

    I so understand what you mean!
    Way back in March Hubby mentions a wee chance that he may get a job offer up in Washington…wee chance became sure thing & by May he is already up at new job whilst family scrambles to pack up,sort out loose ends & say goodbye to the friends, state & area we grew up in…then the insane drive from Santa Cruz to to new home with sister niece son & 4 cats! O-@… The kids & cats were freaking awesome, sis & I were ready for it all to just be done….but then we had to drop cats at new home & camp out at an apt near hubby's job until our stuff showed up a week later. There was moving in, registering the kids for school next year, getting new drivers license. Only having one car between us until hubby finally gets his new car finding new doctors, dentists..ect
    …then the week after mom & dad celebrate 50 yrs, mom asks for a divorce o-0. So now we are helping them sort through stuff, move stuff & adjust to our new normal.lmao

    Yup….the summer is moving along & I am still trying to catch up. Mentally/ emotionally still back in March. Sometimes it would be a great thing if we could just take a time out from our lives, be able to take a deep breath & not feel like something is looming that has to be handled NOW….to sleep in or enjoy time with the family & just not worry….just for a little bit!
    I wanna reclaim my summer damn it! *pouts*

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