Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Okay, Cup o Porn is having their birthday bash this week, and there will be PLENTY of free fiction if you follow the link above.  My offering–both humble and completely safe for work (and can you believe that?  I’m asked to write for a blog called CUP OF PORN and what do I put out?  A legend, with the most oblique sexual descriptions in the history of romance EVER. I’m surprised Marie and Heidi didn’t just shoot my fat white ass flat when I sent that in.  I’m an idiot.  We all know this–and here’s proof!)  Anyway, When the Sea and Sky Turn to Blood will be out tomorrow, around 11 a.m., CST, and it’s free, along with a lot of other nice stuff that people are giving away, so stop by and enjoy!  (And, once again, I will remind you that if the picture says NSFW, and you’re at work, DON’T GO THERE!)  For those of you afraid of falling into the porny land mines (and you should be, because I get stuck there all the time and they blow my productivity to hell while stimulating my creativity at the same time which is very uncomfortable for a woman my age) when the birthday bash is over, I think I’ll post this story on my website.  It doesn’t really have a niche–it is, as Galad once told me, sexy writing (not sexual writing, but writing you do for the sake of art) and not money writing (which is writing you do that’s more popular, which often has sex in it!) So, sexy writing goes on the website, writing with sex in it, you have to pay for.  There’s a lesson in there somewhere, I just know it.  Now the thing is, it doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy writing money writing–it just means you don’t get to do off-genre stuff with it, like, say, When the Sea and Sky Turn to Blood, or, Dreams of Terrible Brightness.  Money writing can be EXTREMELY soul fulfilling–I mean, for ME, money writing is FUN–joyous, even when it’s ripping my heart out and serving it on a platter.  But more people also enjoy having THEIR hearts ripped out with it, and boom!  You make a little money.

So speaking of  sexy writing versus money writing–

I’m trying to decide what to write!

For those of you who doubt me, the thing I’m thinking (ALWAYS) is QUICKENING.  I REALLY want to write Quickening.  Unfortunately, writing now pays my rent.  (Okay, not my rent, or my mortgage or whatever–but it does pay for groceries and utilities and random toys and Easter loot and birthday parties and… you get the idea.)  So that makes Quickening sexy writing (God, I hope so!) and so shall remain my dirty little secret writing when no one is looking.  So, what do I do write that hordes (okay, dozens!) of people are waiting for so that my family may not starve around Christmas?

Well, I’ve actually got a lot of choices!  I would like very much to write the fourth (and final) installment of Keeping Promise Rock.  It promises to be shorter than the others, and a little bit angsty, but will have a big, wonderful climax that will be SO happy ever after, people might even forgive me for putting Deacon’s life in danger in Book 3.  THAT’S looking like a fun write, and I’m DYING to do it!

I’d also like to write the second (and definitely not final) installment in the weird mystery solving career of Patrick and Whiskey.  I have a great title, a great dilemma, and some really wonderful scenes in my head, and THAT’S looking like a fun write, and I’m DYING to do it!

And then there’s the steampunk/batman thing I’ve got going round in my head, with some GREAT complications and this total world building thing going on and THAT’S looking like a fun write, and I’m DYING to do it.

And, although Chase in Shadow hasn’t come out, I’ve got this sequel planned, for one of the side characters–Dex, whom I think everyone is going to adore.  Pain–lots of pain–and one of those romances where your friend is where your heart is and you never knew it.  THAT’S looking like a fun write, and I’m DYING to do it.

Oh–did I mention Aiden and Jeremy from The Winter Courtship Rituals of Fur Bearing Critters?  Yeah– people want to see the story of the con man and the hometown boy, working at the alpaca fiber farm, and THAT’S looking like a fun write, and I’m DYING to do it.

And there’s always my bittersweet dream plans– Richard Cory and the highland warriors and then there’s this guy with a little tiny golden tamarind monkey and plan crashes and undercover detectives and…

Decisions decisions.

I whine a lot about time and deadlines and choices you have to make… but you know what?  Decisions like these?  Make it all worthwhile:-)

0 thoughts on “Decisions, decisions, decisions…”

  1. DecRainK says:

    Those all sound great and I cannot wait to read them, but if you don't start writing/finishing Quickening I may finally break down, scream and destroy something! lol
    Looking forward to reading your story on Cupoporn. Thanks for introducing me to that site btw! 🙂

  2. You sound very busy, paying the rent and all. =^.^=

  3. Donna Lee says:

    Decisions like these are the best kind. You have an embarassment of riches there as my grandmother used to say.

    And how wonderful to love what you do and be validated for it.

  4. roxie says:

    Does the tiny monkey get involved with sex?

  5. Katelyn says:

    You have to write quickening. I am in some need of some Cory and Bracken moments! I love those books. Have read them all more than once!

  6. slimwhistler says:

    They all sound absolutely wonderful, but I'm so pleased to hear there will be more of Patrick and Whiskey! Yay!!!

  7. Mary Calmes says:

    Uhm. Dex. Why are we still talking abou this?

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