Decisions decisions…

And here we have Chicken’s asshole cat bodyhumping
the socks I”m blocking. And Squish laughing at him.
Asshole cat.

So, some things I need to decide in the next week–

*  Swag items– should I order pamphlets with my backlist on them? Just business cards? Magnets? Yarn bags? WHAT SHOULD MY SWAG BE THIS YEAR? (Input welcome here, people– sayin’!)

*  Amy’s Lane, which I will write next week.  Things on my mind: Author promises, the differences in het tropes vs. m/m tropes, buying swag for cons, the keeping of the queue.  Again, input is welcome.

*  My queue– I have the next three items after Selfie planned, and two of them are original and one of them is the sequel to Candy Man, Bitter Taffy, and Lollipop. After that, I’m thinking either Johnnies, or an equally high profile sequel.  Again– did I mention your input? It is welcome?

*  My blog– I blog about my kids here, and I like that, but have been thinking about hooking it up with a tumblr. I know a lot of other authors have declared the blog obsolete– but I’m reluctant to give up the utter random of this blog.  Should I keep the blog for family and start tumblr for fanfic and career only? Is it worth it to develop one more social media skill?  So… many… options…

*  Whether or not to move Squish to the fifth grade. This one is more personal and family, but she loves her teacher, can probably learn DIFFERENT things than when she was in the combined 3rd/4th class last year, BUT… she’s with the same group of kids that I’ve seen terrorize teachers from the 1st grade. They’re not always nice to her. I sense impending bullying disaster, and it hurts me. She’s SUCH an awesome, special kid.  I’m not sure which thing will be better–but if she keeps getting sad this year, I’m SO gonna try a thing. Anything.

*  Fanfic Friday– c’mon, guys– in the comments. Let’s hear your favorites. No promises on my end, because I don’t sail ALL the ships, but you may spark an idea. I mean, I wrote that Captain Starlord thing because someone mentioned it, right?

*  Knitting queue– am currently making socks for a friend’s family, but I also need to knit a blanket for another friend’s kid– and finish a fairly easy/quick wrap that I was planning to wear at GRL. Any other suggestions? And OH CRAP– I need to knit this year’s batch of fingerless mitts.  Nevermind– Knitting, I actually have wrapped!

So there you go– today’s interactive blog. Go forth! Interact! I shall sit and reap the benefit of your input. Or something.

0 thoughts on “Decisions decisions…”

  1. Sabrina says:

    ok so in order:
    Swag…useful things–chapstick, bags, magents, thumb drives…but since i never go to these things because they are always FAR, it's really your call!
    Amy's Lane…when you get to it, everyone knows life happens!
    Queue…LOCKER ROOOM SEQUEL!!!! or Johnnies…
    Blog…yes please keep the blog! I don't tumbl or twit
    Parenting…it's hard but you're doing great. You will make the best choices for squish!
    Fanific…ALL THE FANCFIC! No preference amything that comes out will be amazing! Although Iron Man and Loki could have an amazing time!

  2. Unknown says:

    Loved the Batman-Superman stories, would love more like that, and would like to know how to find some others you have done.

  3. Evaine says:

    You asked!

    1. Magnets. I think magnets are always good.

    2. I always love reading about the nuts and bolts and stuff of writing, so my vote would be for the differences between the tropes.

    3. I am always asking for more Whiskey and Patrick. Clear Water is one of my all-time faves.

    4. I may be behind the curve, but I only use Tumblr for the pictures. Blogs are my thing and I love them. I don't think I read a single Tumblr by an author, but I sure read blogs. 🙂

    5. *HUGS* Squishy tight!

    6. Fanfic? I'm a big proponent of whatever moves you in the moment.

    7. YAY for knitting!!

  4. Tiffany says:

    Just a quick note. 1) I love everything you write…No preferences there, just please keep writing! 🙂 2) I enjoy all that you do with your blog. While I have a tumblr account I don't spend time there like I do reading my favorite blogs. I like the mix of everything you do here.

    That's all.

  5. AysReviews says:

    Love your blog. Please keep it like it is – all your thoughts, your life, your writing, your family, politics, knitting, whatever else is going on.

    Books: ALL OF THEM

    Your Amy's lane – I have been pondering m/m versus m/f tropes and would be delighted to read your thoughts. But I will enjoy whatever you write.

    Thank You.

  6. /Copies Evaine's response/ So much what she said, regarding each point, especially Tumbler. Although I'm also very fond of my collection of your bookmarks in re: swag.

  7. Johnnies!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

    Knitting: I've recently discovered Brioche knitting and it makes my brain incredibly happy. Sometimes learning a new knitting technique is really satisfying, so I don't have specific recommendation, but maybe try something that pushes you a bit as a knitter?

    Tumblr: I like it, but it's a time suck and I'm not sure the Return on Investment is there at all.

  8. Morgan says:

    I love everything that you write… but will you write a sequel to the Locker Room? Pllleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssssseeeeeee

  9. Katherine D says:

    For swag, I like either something I will consume immediately (chocolate) or something I will use (water bottle, pen, coaster). Something work appropriate. Squishy toys are fun, but something from GRL is likely to be NSFW.

    I like all your books. Your angst, your fluff, your fairy tales, I can find something I want to read but don't know now what I will want to read next week let alone in a few months.

    I read blogs. Rarely on Twitter. Never on Tumblr.

    Knitting? My mother-in-law had success with Mexican wrestling masks and growler cozies. If you have people who need such things. Though it doesn't get as cold where you live as it does where I live.

    Thank you for sharing with us.

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