I admit it– I made a VERY dangerous discovery in the last two days.

Three of them, actually.

They involve decorating.

The first one was that I can draw on my photos on FB. You heard me. DRAW on my photos. So, Chicken’s cat, with the angel wings, that was the result.

The other result was that I could put stickers on the pictures in Twitter. Can you see that? STICKERS. Yes. Like, say, a bat, a flower, a snake, a bunny, and an octopurt on a rather bleak NorCal post-summer landscape.

Or, you know, kitty ears and a pirate hat on small dogs.

Or a beard on my son.

You can see the possibilities, right? The very, very, very awesome… I mean dangerous… I mean AWESOME possibilities, right?


After years of buying art and hiding it and finding some place to put it where someday I might possibly find it again and put it in a private office I would have if and when all the kids moved out and I got my shit together…

I said fuck it and bought art this weekend that I put up on my wall.

Yes, it’s a little inappropriate… (Okay, the print from Lost in the Snow is a LOT inappropriate, as is the one from Young Justice) but NOBODY GOES BACK to this corner of the living room. I had to stand up to get an unobstructed view for the pictures.

But I know.

I write gay romance.

I like pictures of hot guys kissing.

Or hot guys who could potentially kiss.

Or superheroes and heroines about to kick ass.

Or muscles.

Or damn dat ass.

Or frozen moments, pregnant with possibility.

Or that breath before almost touching.

Or things to imagine as I write, so I can be excited that today, my guys might get to kiss. Oh, holy buckets, they might even get to fuck.

So, uh, yeah, that.

I needed that on my walls.

And now I have it.

And it makes me very happy.

And now I’m going to go write some more… and plan to take more pictures of the dogs to doodle on in Twitter and FB. Because… because…


*laughs with glee and runs away*

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